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USUV, or United Settlements of UltraVanilla, is a consortium of various towns and settlements on UltraVanilla. The headquarters are located near Spawn at -2001951,-1995972, although meetings are often held in other locations.

It was formerly known as Allied Settlements of Ultra Vanilla (ASUV).


Main article: USUV HQ

USUV's HQ, also known as The Pearl.

USUV HQ, or "The Pearl", is an enormous structure rising from the ocean near spawn. It provides a lobby, dozens of office spaces for members, a banquet chamber, official's quarters, a garden, and a grand chamber to host member meetings. The structure is a long-term project added to continuously.

Members voted to move the HQ to a neutral location from the then-called Alliance City, where the previous HQ resides.


We meet in different places and they are all special in their own unique way.

Here are a list of places where we meet now and where we met before.


Venue Image Location Meetings Held Number of Desks Notes
USUV Icon.png

North-East of Spawn

12 80 Also known as The Pearl.
AC USUV Building
ASUV Headquarters at Night.png
Alliance City Icon.png

Alliance City

9 27 Formerly the HQ of ASUV/USUV before being replaced by the new building.

Auctioned on completion of the new headquarters. Repurchased by AC to be an active venue again.

WestHaven USUV Hall
WestHaven USUV Hall.png
WestHaven Icon.png


2 24 Meetings at this venue have lead to multiple scandals.
Cara Union Capital Building
Cara Union Capital Building.png
Cara Nova Icon.png

Cara Nova

3 25 The building also houses a library, ballroom and other amenities.
Burzum USUV Hall.png
Burzum Icon.png


2 24 Permanently Halloween themed as both its meetings were in October.
Town Hall
Old Mann Town Hall.png
Old Mann Icon.png

Old Mann

2 26 The closest venue to Old Spawn.
EverFae USUV Hall.png
EverFae Icon.png


2 24 Uniquely located underwater, beneath an island.
Waterthorn USUV Hall.png
Waterthorn Icon.PNG


2 24 Found in the maze of dark tunnels under the town.
Southern Hollow USUV Hall.png
Southern Hollow Icon.PNG

Southern Hollow

2 22 The only hall to feature a fully circular layout of desks.
Great Hall
Shakatori Great Hall.png
Tidus Icon.png


1 25 The building also acts as the city's Town Hall.
Ice Spikes Forest
Steamed Hams USUV Hall.png
Steamed Hams Icon.png

Steamed Hams

2 20 Uniquely, it does not have named desks and is instead freeform seating.
Cyprus Hall
Cyprus Hall.png
Cyprus Icon.png


2 24 Features a lounge and bar area.
Capitol Building
Fort Dunbar USUV Hall.png
Fort Dunbar Icon.png

Fort Dunbar

1 16 The building also features living areas, a grand hall, and a library.
Sosong Temple.png
Sosong Icon.png


2 20 Also acts as the portal building and gateway to the town.
Evergreen USUV Hall.png
Evergreen Icon.png


2 20 Located within a large cavern terraformed as an extension of the town.
Jedi Temple
Jedi Council Chamber.png
Cloud City Icon.png

Cloud City

1 20 Inspired by the Jedi Council chamber from Star Wars.
HMS Spaceward
AC Boat Hall.png
Alliance City Icon.png

Alliance City

1 24 It's on a boat! It's on a boat! Everybody look at it cuz it's sailin' on a boat!
Araluen USUV Hall
Araluen USUV Hall.png
Araluen Icon.png


1 19 Located in the far north of the town across a valley. Also contains a library and embassy rooms.
Illyria Icon.png


1 24 The first hall to include an automatic counting system. Notable for being pre-armed with a weapon system used during the Sand God incident
The Barn
Krill Lanka Barn.png
Pearlsville Icon.png

Krill Lanka

1 24 Located in a farming area of the town with rural builds.
Dripstone Cave
Steambolt USUV Hall.png
Steambolt Icon.png


1 24 Located far from the town in a cave with its own portal. Features minecarts and other decorative elements.
Malbork USUV Hall.png
Malbork Icon.png


1 22 Located in the maze of catacombs underneath the town. Very dark and has noteblock abmiance.
Civic Center
USUV Meet Hall Acquileia.png
Aquileia Icon.png


1 22 Located in the Duchy of Aquileia.

There's a cool aquarium on top of the meeting Hall.


Venue Image Location Meetings Held Number of Desks Notes
Convention Center
Cloud City Convention Center.png
Cloud City Icon.png

Cloud City

3 20 The first USUV venue other than the original HQ.

Relocated to the Jedi Temple.

Copper Gatehouse
Rotherhythe Hall.png
Rotherhythe Icon.png


2 24 Built inside of Rotherhythe's oldest structure. Seats all members around a single table. Retired when Rotherhythe formally left USUV


Venue Image Location Meetings Held Number of Desks Notes
Naval Detroit USUV area.png
Naval Detroit Icon.png

Naval Detroit

1 None, seats only First and only USUV venue to be condemned as unconstitutional at a meeting, lacking desks and overall safety standards.


Member States agree to the USUV Constitutional Charter:

Member States

Current member states of USUV are:

All members have a voting desk in meeting chambers.

Cara Island, Cara Nova and Hana Reservoir share a single voting desk.

Provisional Members

Provisional members of USUV are locations which have not yet reached all the requirements outlined in the charter, and have limited voting powers.

Current provisional member states are:

Former Members

Only one member state has officially left USUV.

Former members are:

Special Seats

Additionally, there are special voting desks:

Public Farms

Members can optionally open up their farms for use by the public.

Below is a list of farms that are free to use:

Farm Member State Location
Gunpowder Farm Cloud City Freedom Tower
Wool Farm Cloud City Freedom Tower


Main article: USUV Meetings and Votes

We have meetings to talk and vote about things.

We meet on Saturdays every three weeks. Sometimes we change the date if something else is happening or we are busy. We go to USUV HQ for one out of three meetings. The other times we go to new and different places.

We tell you what we will talk about on the wiki, Discord and books at the place where we meet. We do this one day before the meeting. We also tell you what we said and decided after the meeting.


Former Headquarters at Night
Former HQ Lobby
Former HQ Meeting Chambers