Cara Island

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Cara Island is the original hometown of the Comrades Union. The town was founded on the 20th of April 2019 by Legendosh, EcksD and Fuhrer_Teemo with Scathra joining later. The four were already online friends playing from another server, when searching for a new server to play on they were invited to UV by TheShyPig.

History of Cara's creation and Religion:

The Church of Alkoleia and the Creation of Cara:

Goddess Alkoleia

As documented by Scathra:

Alkoleia came to us in our time of need. She brought refuge to the people of Aurora. She first spoke to Teemo and Leg, and they founded our great nation. She brought to us mostly booze, but she also raised us. later on, she gave us two sons.

First, Cara Pils, what our current land is named after. He was originally the protector of Nevermore, but now protects us, blessed is his soul.

Second, Frogger, protector of the seas and leader of wars. We bring frogger to all those who oppose us, and they fall under his might.

Current Pope: Fuhrer_Teemo

May we be led to greatness by his blessings.

Our National Anthem/Cultural Songs:

Our officialy endorsed way of looking at life (literally) :


Cara Nova

Hana Reservoir

Major Events:

The banning of Trace

She died fighting for a worthy cause, may she rest in peace.

And now a few words on the greatness of Trace by Legendosh:

Participation in other Events:

Island Builds and Landmarks:

Current Members:

  • Legendosh
  • Fuhrer_Teemo
  • EcksD
  • Scathra
  • TheSlideV3
  • TomatoManSs
  • Tolhart
  • MoertyMoertan
  • LordJord (previously named NetShadowHunter)
  • NotKaden
  • Mahoose
  • lordpipe
  • Kyrum
  • BillyWilly
  • 8ckerno
  • JackAttack
  • Heckface
  • Rarrq
  • mokono
  • Fuwafuwpudding
  • Himak1
  • Groovy
  • Flux
  • EmeraldTiger8
  • TheRealHi
  • Snowflowe
  • RoboTramp
  • Lisa
  • DC_XII
  • I_Am_Mushkin
  • Akoot
  • Hermanni__
  • Maki
  • Winnie Jane
  • M1dNlight
  • MonitorLizard
  • Soap_Bender
  • SteepyBeepy
  • CSG_Haru
  • FroggoTheDoggo
  • FatallyDeath1348
  • Dirt_Bread
  • Baozai
  • Enkhburen
  • T045RTY
  • Nagasaki_Riku
  • Hannah_Banana_69
  • Skylord_Luke
  • alderban107