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The Comrades Union is a nation founded on the principles of Cara Communism. The union currently has 10 towns. All members of the union are settlements in their own right with their own rules and history. What binds the Union is that a member of a town within the Union counts as an inhabitant of the entire Union and is thus allowed to make use of all public infrastructure in those towns including both farms and the public storage.

Current Members

Unrealised Projects

Vault 22

Unnamed Sky City

The Creation of Cara

For early history see : Cara Island

Early History

The idea of a union was first passed around when the town of Vault 22 was created under Cara Island but was never realised since the working on Vault 22 halted before it could become a town in its own right. Later the idea came back when there were rumours that Sara would sell the town of Hana Reservoir. The people of Cara Island were interested in buying the town but Akoot ended up banning the purchasing of towns after which Sara gifted the title of mayor to Hellsponge. Legendosh aquired the title of mayor in March of 2020 from Hellsponge because Hellsponge did not have the time to further develop the town. During this month there were also plans to establish a fourth town in the air but this project never evolved past planning phase. The smoothstone outlines of this town can still be seen on dynmap directly west of Cara Island. During the month of May 2020 the town of Naval Detroit was also in the Union for about a day when Whitemanmaffia gave the town to Legendosh after getting banned after which Legendosh lost the title of mayor in a gang war where Yoda shanked him. After this there was a period of inactivity for the Cara Union.

Later History

After the server upgraded to 1.16 it was decided to move the capital from Cara Island to a new town, later named Cara Nova, because Cara Island has limited potential to grow. Plans for a revival of Hana Reservoir are currently also in the works.

The Union decided to change it's name from "Cara Union" to "Comrades Union", to end some confussion, on the 26th of March 2022.


The Boomer Factory itself, fully exposed, in it's early days.

The Boomer Factory

The Boomer Factory is a high capacity gunpowder farm on UltraVanilla, it's owned by the Comrades Union and shared with the Northern Alliance. It was founded by EcksD (also known as Rozatoo on discord) and LordJord.

The main purpose of the Boomer Factory was to give the Comrades Union (named Cara Union back then) a stable source of gunpowder independent from the server market, after a few discussions the workers decided to go with a design that had a higher capacity than other designs then in use on the server. There was one problem, time and size. LordJord and EcksD planned for a full perimeter (256x256 blocks) so the farm would produce the maximum amount creepers it could get when active, this would take too long to clear it out with only the people of the Union who were active during the time. Luckily, Cara Island could ask for aid in the newly made Northern Alliance in exchange that they would share the creeper farm. This however still wasn't enough, they needed more people to dig the perimeter so they ended up paying workers and made a competition to attract more people. This worked and the farm grew quickly. The Boomer Factory was so efficient, even if it wasn't finished, that it could provide gunpowder for the entire Comrades Union. The idea to make the farm fully public was passed around but was eventually turned down because people on the server didn't want the gunpowder market to crash.

The Boomer Factory isn't finished as of yet.