Cloud City

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Cloud City was founded by joethahobo on July 4th, 2020. Cloud City is a large town in the making; consisting of buildings built from bedrock up, some even reaching the height limit. The first two buildings completed in Cloud City are replicas of the real life Willis (or Sears) Tower in Chicago, and the Empire State Building in New York City.


To reach the distant land of Cloud City, you will need to go to the 1.16 spawn and head into the Nether hub. From there you will take the northern Ice road, directly below the roof, at Y level 118. Take that all the way down until you reach the end. Hang a right and the portal will be at the end of the hallway. Once you arrive, you are required to enjoy your stay and take plenty of pictures to take back home and remember the good times at Cloud City. While griefing is not allowed, joethahobo does give free reign for anyone to dig the surrounding land down to Y 25, as the dig is tough enough already.


For the first 8 months Cloud City was not called Cloud City. In fact, it went by the name "HoboNation" which is a name joethahobo has had some history with for years before joining UV. Ultimately he did not believe the name HoboNation fit this town, and summoned the council consisting of himself, Smoke, Mahoose, and Natofthese, and came up with several options for alternate names. April 1st, 2021 joe decided to change the name and pass it off as an April Fools prank, but ultimately thought the name he had chosen for the prank fit, and decided to keep it indefinately. Thus Cloud City became officially known as Cloud City.


Sears Tower:

Comparison of the real Sears Tower and Cloud City one.

The first building to go up in Cloud City is the Sears (Willis) Tower. It is 37 by 37 blocks at its base, and 250 blocks tall. The building is comprised mainly of gray wool, stone, and gray stained glass. It was finished July 11th, 2020.

Joethahobo uses this tower as his main home, and where he stores his stuff and spends a lot of time.

Empire State Building:

Real Empire State Building vs Cloud City

The second building built in Cloud City is the Empire State Building. It is 68 blocks long by 32 blocks wide, and also 250 blocks tall. It is comprised mainly of sandstone, glass panes, and oak wood. This build was completed July 23rd, 2020.

This tower has a bar on the first floor built by Enderslayer, and the upper floors are all for apartment space. Most notably used by Mahoose, Smoke, and a few floors designed by Colt.

Other buildings:

(This is the part where i get really lazy and dont bother with more pics so feel free if you want to add them)

Tower 3 is Frost Bank tower, used as a place for meetings and conventions, with the upper floors available for apartments.

Tower 4 is the Freedom Tower, which is used as a farm tower, and houses creeper, sugar cane, sheep, chicken, and cacti farms.

Tower 5 is 1185 Avenue of the Americas, and it is used for a community storage on the lower levels. The upper levels are also apartment space.

Tower 6 is Mercury City Tower, which was built for the 2020 Halloween screenshot competition, but was then given to beeper as an AC/SH embassy tower.

Tower 7 is Tour de la Bourse, which was built for the November auction, and bought by Frozil, and immediately gifted to Mahoose to do as he pleases.

Tower 8 is 1201 Third Avenue, and is used as an embassy building for anyone who does not want to build their own tower.

Tower 9 is the G.T. International Tower, and is used as a city library.

Tower 10 was built by Smoke and is the first tower in Cloud City not copied from real life buildings.