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Note: These clarified rules are not a constitution, nor a checklist for your mutiny or revenge. Staff discretion always applies.


1. No hacking or unfair exploits


Some hacks and exploits are allowed. TNT duping is allowed in certain circumstances, for example. Consult these lists:

Always allowed:

  • Minimap mods, including ones that display caves
  • Autoclicking at human speeds, including simple click sequences with no awareness of blocks/entities
  • Fullbright
  • HUD
  • Litematica (including easy place and similar build hacks)
  • Inventory sorting/automation
  • Aesthetic exploits. Cursed nether portals, cursed pistons, and broken bedrock are fine.
  • Helper mods for bedrock breaking exploits
  • Primed TNT entity duping for farms/excavation (Disallowed: Diamond or ancient debris boring machine, since it's considered too overpowered)
  • Entity cannon exploits (NOT teleportation) up to 50k block distance, and not shot into ungenerated chunks
  • Freecam used to get a different perspective, to zoom out, or to take a screenshot, as long as you avoid revealing hidden things

Sometimes allowed:

  • Anything not listed is in this category. Just ask staff, as long as it's not cheaty it will probably be allowed.
  • Using a hacked client that includes a mixture of allowed and banned tools, including Tweakaroo, Wurst, Impact, Lunar. If you accidentally turn a hack on, you will be asked to remove the client before returning.

Not allowed:

  • Duping items and blocks
  • Primed TNT entity duping for diamond or ancient debris boring machine — considered too overpowered
  • Zero-tick piston crop growth exploits (this technique has since been patched by Mojang)
  • Xray (texture packs & mods)
  • Freecam used to find hidden things
  • Build hacks that just place floating blocks for the sake of placing floating blocks (auto-bridge), rather than as part of a schematic|
  • Litematica Printer - too overpowered (Easy Place is fine)
  • Omnisprint
  • Baritone or any other botting that is aware of blocks and entities in the game
  • Fly, speed, movement hacks, things that automate PVP, and other things that are obviously unfair. Use common sense!
  • Entity cannon exploits beyond 50k block distance, or shot into ungenerated chunks

We ban instantly for usage of these hacks, no questions or warnings after we are certain that you are guilty. This is because you have to remove your cheat tools before coming back, and also because we will have to deal with the fallout of unfair gameplay advantage like X-rayed diamonds in inventory.

2. No griefing or stealing


We have a 150 block distance rule for most of the world. If you accidentally build too close, we will try to contact you, but if you can't be contacted it is prone to being removed.

You can make sure what you build is considered a claim under this distance rule by building at least one thing that looks like an intentional settlement, rather than just exploring. If there is a chest, it is definitely off-limits. The following things might not, on their own, count as a claim:

  • Nether portals
  • Single crafting tables & empty furnaces
  • Random pillaring
  • Resource collection
  • Builds specifically marked as free to take over

In general, we consider the owner of a town to have discretion over the blocks in a town, but not items that look like they are intended to be a player's personal items. If you must take down a build, you may contact staff if you want us to store another player's items long-term, or you can build your own lost-and-found.

You may ask staff to check an area, to check your builds for grief and theft from other players, or to rollback anything.

You may not build within 400 blocks of Spawn or Old Spawn without permission from staff (marked with red wool). Additionally, you may not build within 50 blocks of the Spawn or Outpost nether hubs without permission from staff (excluding nether portals). Outpost and some other community areas have their own building rules that can be viewed at the respective location.

There is no distance rule for the nether, but please do not obstruct other builds. Nether rules may be more up to staff discretion if an issue comes up.

For world paths, such as long roads connecting disparate locations, consider there to be no distance rule for new builds placed near them.

3. No PvP unless consensual


If you're prank-killing your IRL friend, and they complains to us instead of you, then being their friend is no longer an excuse for your behavior — regardless of how much you love each other.

4. No NSFW


Our standard can be summarized as "things that are gross and/or graphic". You can swear, and you can discuss serious topics — if it gets too uncomfortable, staff will let you know. But for example, you cannot talk about your genitals or post hateful jokes.

5. No spam


This covers commercial spam and chat flooding. You can do a little bit of self-promo in appropriate Discord channels, but you should be a strong contributor to the server already before promoting any of your links. Affiliate links, scams, and cryptocurrency-related spam will be immediately removed and banned.

6. No alt accounts for gameplay advantage


What does gameplay advantage mean?

  • Using your alt to AFK at a farm
  • To have a separate location (using it as another /sethome)
  • To access things intended for new players
  • To evade a ban or trick players

So in general, there are only a few narrow things you can log into another account for. You may ask to transfer your player data to a new username. You can ask staff to run a separate camera account to do screen recording.

7. Do not cause unnecessary drama

Be respectful and be respectable


Don't be excessively mean to people. Yes, we are forcing everyone here to be friends and to have a mutual understanding of respect.

You can swear. But we have a "respect those not currently in the room, but could be in the room" standard. So the following categories of opinions, jokes, and slur words do not work here, no matter who the audience is:

  • Racism
  • Homophobia
  • Transphobia
  • Misogyny
  • Ableism
  • Antisemitism / Religious bigotry

See the below guide for how you can express beliefs and debate issues, without being disrespectful.

Hierarchy of Disagreement.png