Cara Nova

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Cara Nova is Cara Union's new town in 1.16 chunks. Founded at the 14th of July, 2020.


Map of all the reserved places on Cara Nova

Cara Nova is planned to be more organised than Cara Island so that members can find things such as farms, storage, and housing more easily.

Currently, Cara Nova is divided into two distinct sections, the South, which includes the Cara Capital building, nether portal, the Town Square and the residential areas, and the North, including the Pizza District (community buildings such as farms and a villager hall) and housing.

Most of North Cara Nova will be accessible by boat. In the center of Cara Nova lies the heart of the settlement, the community storage, which lies under the Ponte di Libertà (Freedom Bridge).

In the nether there is a hub (still under construction), which is located on the nether roof and connected to the Northern Highway (which is primarily for use by boat, with elytra flight being a second option).


South Cara Nova

Town Square with the Capital Building

The cultural, political and residential centre of Cara Nova.

This side is largely managed by Legendosh.

Central Cara Nova

Here you can find the main nether portal, the town square, the Cara Capital Building, and the Community Storage.

Other landmarks are the guillotine and the Pekodam.

Cara Capital Building

The Cara Capital Building is the headquarters of the Cara Union, and the political, administrative and judicial office of Cara Nova and Cara Island.

It's also the current home of Legendosh.

Ponte di Libertà and Pekodam in the background

The Cara Capital Building currently houses:

  • The Cara Yunyun
  • Cara Nova Grand Library
  • Cara Nova Ballroom
  • USUV Meeting Room
  • Cara Union Council Room
  • Cara Nova Brewery
Cara Nova Community Storage
Cara Nova's Community Storage
The main residential district of the town

Also known as Ponte di Libertà (Freedom Bridge), it's the heart of the settlement and the first building of Cara Nova (build on the 12th of July, 2020). It connects the South with the North and lies in the centre of the town. You can find the storage underneath the bridge, and can also find an enchanting room and a super smelter there.

The storage has a planned upgrade in the near future.

Paradise/Residential areas

The main residential district of Cara Nova. There's no mandatory building style at Cara Nova. There are only 3 rules (like on Cara Island);

  1. You're not allowed to build shops in the settlement.
  2. You can't build on the plots of other players (unless you have permission).
  3. Don't build something that is considered offensive/vulgar.

North Cara Nova

At North Cara Nova you can mainly find community structures. Members are allowed to build their base there, but it's rarely done.

This side is largely managed by LordJord.

The Pizza District

The Pizza District is the main farming area of Cara Nova. Most buildings there houses a farm and are build by LordJord.

It's called the Pizza District due to LordJord's love of pizza and that it's build in a Venetian style.

LordJord lives there in his palazzo, which is also a temporary arena/stadium (till the main arena is finished).

The Pizza District

The Cara Cup Arena (placeholder name) is being made by Himak.

Pizza District Structures
Automatic Farms Semi-Automatic Farms Manual Farms Other Future/Ongoing Projects
Melon Nether wood* Wheat 16 farmer villagers** Dye Farm
Pumpkin Potato* 16 mason villagers** Canals
Sugarcane Carrot 24 librarian villagers** Cara Cup Arena
Wool* Cacao Guest housing LordJord's Palazzo
Egg Mushroom Pizzeria (free food and drinks) Post Office
Iron Chicken Temple of Alkoleia
Kelp Nether wart
Bamboo Overworld wood*
Wheat Honey*

*Planned upgrade in the future.

**Will be moved to the storage after a planned storage upgrade.

The Industrial District

The new farming district further North of Cara Nova. Here you will find large high capacity farms.

Industrial District Farms
Semi-Automatic Farms Manual Farms
Stacking Raid Farm** Bad Omen Farm*

*Planned upgrade in the future.

**It is possible to afk with an auto clicker.

Cara Nova Nether

Cara Nova's Nether Hub

The Nether Hub is still under construction. Here you can also find a pathway to the nether biomes underneath, a piglin barter farm and a gold farm.

Nether Structures
Automatic Farms Semi-Automatic Farms Future/Ongoing Projects
Barter Farm Gold Farm* Nether Hub

*It is possible to afk with an auto clicker.