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Evergreen is a community village founded on December 25, 2021 by mayor pintsizedrogue. Originally a natural village, pint & many others have worked together to create the lively, beautiful settlement Evergreen is today! The town is located north of the Outpost, & is only a quick boat ride on the North highway in the nether hub. Take the left exit for Evergreen (after Marker 2) which is decorated with a lovely tree by Mr_Byzantine.

We operate on a predominantly communist economic system, where resources are shared & publicly accessible. The Hive is the town's main storage & resource center, located in the upper level of the Grotto. The Grotto is the cave area behind the main nether portal, which extends out into an expansive cave system. The Grotto is home to a USUV meeting hall, hobbit vacation homes, a beautiful naturally inspired area by Marbz, & a fantastic minecart rollercoaster by Otari, Marbz, & pint!

Town Areas

Evergreen is comprised of multiple neighborhoods, each with unique characteristics & charm. The town hall (near the main nether portal) features a small map display with a few flags for local landmarks.

  • Town Center: Upon exiting the main nether portal, walk out into the overworld into the main town. Stroll down the beautiful paths created by luseis, stop by Doob's bakery for a snack, & say hello to Kale & Bok Choy on your way to the library, built by Smoke! Follow the path to wander over to the fishing docks, where the first Spring Fishing Tournament was held in May 2022. From the portal, take a hard left to see embassies from Araluen, Totemia, & more.
  • Wild Honey Hills: Cross the Honey Hills Creek & check out the cozy hobbit homes nestled into the Wild Honey Hills! Each home is just as unique & adorable as the next, so take your time to explore every nook & cranny. Perhaps you'll even find something mysterious & odd!
  • Lake Evendim: As if the hobbit homes & dwarven caves weren't enough, Lake Evendim may tip you off that Evergreen is full of Lord of the Rings fans! This beautiful lake is home to a few underwater secrets, & has played host to the Spring Fishing Tournament.
  • Goth Cottagecore Corner (name TBD): Smoke, Otari, & many others worked to build the strider racecourse for the 2022 UV Olympics! The covered course prevents the striders from being hurt by falling raindrops, & provides an excellent viewing platform. Smoke also has an incredible plan for recreating a bastion in the overworld nearby - this perhaps will be Evergreen's goth-cottagecore corner!


Comrades Union: Evergreen is a proud member of the Comrades Union (previously the Cara Union), & operates on a communist-barter system. Resources may be stored in personal residences or builds, & may be restricted access by simply labeling the storage container as such. The Hive is the primary storage & resource center, which is open for use by all Evergreen residents.

Everfae: Although Evergreen has since expanded & changed, one of the original themes considered included a strong emphasis on Norse mythology & lore. SammiWolfGirl & friends founded the lovely town of Everfae in 2020, which features a branch of the great tree yggdrasil, leading to nidavellir! Evergreen is proud to call Everfae a sister city, & pint certainly encourages all town members to visit & enjoy the creativity & magic on display in Everfae.

OPC: Evergreen was among the big 5 member states in the Outpost that originally received invitation to form the group. Evergreen was among the earliest contributors, having participated in the first OPC meeting.

USUV: Evergreen is also a proud member of the USUV, & has a lovely meeting hall in the middle level of the Grotto.