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The Outpost Community (Referred to as OPC) is a discussion and debate event organised every 7 weeks to discuss future developments at the Outpost


The Community meetings are designed to allow for open discussion and suggestions, which can offer progression to the Region and open up new ideas.

Not to be confused with USUV, which is an alliance group with membership rules.

Some items discussed may progress onward to USUV if necessary.

History and Purpose

The Outpost Community was formed in January 2023 by Mattesco in response to the growing amount of unity between towns in the region. The aim being that these towns should communicate on their own particular issues

This was also deemed as necessary, as USUV Meetings do not have the capacity to support the amount of depth that could be achieved with some discussion.

In August 2023 it was reorganised as an event to reduce conflict arising from a perceived need for membership barriers.

Meetings resumed in October 2023.

Feel free to read the FAQ below for more information regarding the purpose and position of this community


OPC Logo


The Emblem is designed around the large regional boundary of the Outpost warp featuring stars and its blue, white, green and yellow color scheme


The agenda's used to be layed out similarly to USUV's previous style, however due to the need for separating the two organisations, this was changed to its own unique design in May 2023 to help create a unique and interesting look to better suit the community meetings


Towns are invited to host meetings, should they want to. Towns can either design a new hall space, or re-use an already existing one, e.g. a USUV Hall. Additionally, the OPC halls do not demand specific needs, therefore any meeting space can be used.

Location OPC Logo Variant Image Venue Capacity Notes
Rotherhythe Icon.png

Rotherhythe Keep

Rotherhythe OPC Logo.png
Rotherhythe Community Hall.png
Rotherhythe Community Hall 36 seats Located on the opposite side of the stage from the USUV Hall. All invitees overlook the leader during proceedings
Steambolt Icon.png


Steambolt OPC Logo.png
Steambolt OPC Hall.png
Town Hall Cave 20 seats Located in a chamber below the Town hall. Attendees sit in a circular formation on a chair design of their choice.
Illyria Icon.png


Illyria OPC Logo.png
Illyrian Parthenon 24 seats Built with a dedicated automatic voting system. Previously used as a USUV Hall
Malus Icon.png


Malus OPC Logo.png
Malus Castle 22 Seats Hidden in the depths of the Malus Castle. Accessed through a mysterious pipe
The Book Club
OPC5Icon .png
Book Club OPC Hall.png
Book Club Archive 16 seats A space to meet deep within the Book Club Archive
Aquileia Icon.png Aquileia
Aquileia OPC Logo.png
USUV Meet Hall Acquileia.png
Duchy Of


22 seats Located in the Duchy of Aquileia.

There's a cool aquarium on top of the meeting Hall.

Meeting Reviews

25 February 2023, Rotherhythe Keep

This meetings discussions were not formulated in advance of the meeting, due to it being the first. Attendees were invited to propose points that would make up the agenda. This is the only meeting to follow this format.

1 April 2023, Steambolt

The first meeting to have a formal constructed agenda in advance of the meeting. The first time a state had hosted the OPC before USUV

13 May 2023, Illyria

The first meeting to involve official votes in the OPC.

24 June 2023, Malus

The OPC Framework was established by vote in this meeting

5 August 2023, The Book Club

21 October 2023, Aquileia

2 December 2023, Rotherhythe

This meeting will host a vote that will decide the fate of the OPC. With Mattesco planning to quit the post of leadership, the decision will be made on whether to seek a replacement or let the organisation end with the step-down.

USUV Partnership Agreement

The partnership agreement is a clause of basic terms that both groups have agreed to stick to on the basis that it will aid co-operation and minimise obstruction between both parties that ensures the legitimacy and longevity of the OPC

This agreement was agreed to and ratified by USUV on March 4th 2023.