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Illyria is a capitalist state founded by Fuad_R. Originally an ocean platform base with marvelously engineered farms and systems, it was created so that every town member can benefit from the fruits of automation. The town is located east of Outpost and is easy to access via land, boat or flying!

Our economy is a free market economy, based on trading with other players. The automated farms and grinders are free to use by all town members and the resources can be sold for a profit by individuals. Its market and military areas are located in La Cueva, our Island.

Members of Illyria must pay a monthly fee of 5 diamonds per month, at the start of every month, into the Community Chest located in La Cueva.


Membership and Rules

La Cueva

Aerial view of La Cueva


Industrial Zone

Alliances and Trade Agreements

Governing Bodies

Illyria Library

Illyria Docks