La Cueva

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La Cueva was founded in June of 2022 by the desire to pursue excellence in brewery, writing and trade. It has soon risen to the complexity of its plans and is currently under heavy development. The Resort Island is tailored to your heart's most wished desires, bathing in the salty and cold waters of Illyria and basking in the sun.


Although it is a new Island, its history and culture are rich and continue to grow rapidly.

The First Days

The town of Illyria was in search of a great brewer. Fuad then found Lez and talked him into moving his small brewery to the fresh lands of Illyria and he accepted, moving into the Island of Illyria.

At first, Lez_ spent a few nights on the Island, scouting the terrain before coming up with a building plan for the Island.

Early Developments

View from the main deck.

It started from brewery carved into the mountain, continuing to growing into a full-blown entertainment complex. La Cueva has grown its farming capabilities, its housing areas (with in-mountain apartments) and its brewing necessaries in farming.

The Island quickly found itself in need of a trading port and so La Cueva Shopping District was created. In search of rare recipes, the libraries of all other cities were scouted and soon Illyria's Master Brewer learned and felt the need to also teach others and so Illyria Library was founded, on the Island of La Cueva, with access from the main dock.

Culture and Research

Illyria Library interior (early development).

Illyria Library is the place to go if you are in search of culture and information. With books from all categories, you will sure find something to read in its dedicated places. Its wide variety of lectures contains both instructional books as well as novels, poems, songs, fiction, fanfics and many many more for you to discover in a visit.

The library now has over 10 books, from which 5 original works and the rest copies of other great works of UV.

All writers and librarians are welcomed on our Island and so they benefit from a wide variety of discounts on all goods and services. If you want your work show in the library, please contact Lez_.


Illyria's economy is one of the strongest and is built on trade and entertainment services. The island hosts The Commercial Bank of Illyria and benefits greatly from its services, the local economy having a strong and constant influx of people coming and trading here. Being the capital of brewing and having a constant influx on tourists boosts the local businesses, making it the best place to experience luxury and culture.

The gambling sector also bring is a good flow of diamonds, all the taxes from Feeling Lucky Inc. being fully redirected towards research and development in both brewing and overall culture and writing.

Many businesses operate in La Cueva, due to its development, from both the Island itself, such as Liquor Emporium or La Cueva Trading Inc., and other players or towns and nations.

A copy of the Tax Code can be found in Illyria Library.


A view from inside the brewery.

La Cueva Brewery is the Island's crown jewel and also its biggest export. With locally grown ingredients, its brews are of the finest quality. The brewery produces a variety of over 45 brews and has both normal brews, custom brews and even its own secret recipes!

You can buy any brew by either visiting La Cueva Liquor Emporium in the Shopping District, in one of Illyria's or partner's bars or by placing a custom order at Lez_. La Cueva also offers custom-labeled brews of any kind. Feel free to message Lez_ and discuss all and any necessary details.

The brewery is owned and managed by Liquor Emporium.


Map for The Fortified Island of La Cueva

The Main Deck

The main dock connects all of the attractions in La Cueva.

La Cueva Brewery

Bottle prototype for one of our champagnes.

Here the finest brews of the land are being carefully prepared by the best researched recipes. The ingredients are carefully selected from our farms and prepared with lots of love.

Feel free to ask for a tour of our brewery any time you are on the island. It is open to public during off-hours and it even has a small gift shop and museum.

Illyria Library

One of Illyria's own books.

Island's culture beacon, a place where you can learn almost everything or just have a quiet moment with a great book. The library has two floors and over 10 books.

La Cueva hosts the headquarters of La Cueva Cronicles, our in-house editing and printing services. A magazine is released every two weeks for the price of 5 diamonds.

Different subscriptions can be bought from the library, by contacting Lez_.

Spillin' The Tea

You get one copy of La Cueva Cronicles, our 25 pages magazine, every two weeks for 1DB a month (two editions). A yearly subscription can be bought for 9 DB.

The Novelist

Every month you get three (3) new 25 page novels to read. The productions are unique on the servers and will only be available to read in libraries after two weeks from your delivery.

The Avid Reader

You get the Spillin' The Tea pack + The Novelist Pack and one big novel, of 50 pages, two weeks before official release in libraries. All for 2 DB a month.

The Fetishist

One of our Great Librarians will write you a personal custom-made fanfic. And yes, smut IS included. The price for it is great though. Around 15 diamond blocks / writing and it can have up to 25 pages.

The Hanging Gardens of Illyria

Island's wonder and joy, The Hanging Gardens of Illyria were built by Lez_, above the library in La Cueva.

The gardens were built as part of the UV Building Competition, on the mountains of La Cueva. They are filled with riddles and hidden Easter eggs as well as stunning views and full of hanging plants.

The Art Gallery of The Hanging Gardens of Illyria.

It is a central part of the town now and it contains a landing strip, as it is only accessible by flight, a campsite, an Art Gallery with a cute little pond, a stunning flower garden, a marvelous library, a sky bar and The Golden Book.

The Golden Book and the garden's skybar.

Visitors can have a few moments of quietness as the best music slowly plays in the background as you visit all the floors and terraces. You are invited to have a drink at the bar and admire the great golden statue and the bellowing insane views.

The flower garden.

The Hanging Gardens were built on already existing terrain and all the best efforts were made to ensure that nature was fully integrated into this magical place with whimsical sights.

The Campsite.

La Cueva Shopping District

View of Shopping District, mini-mall area.

Here you can find both player shops to rent and town shops to buy from and sell to. La Cueva Shopping District has over 150 item slots and handles most of the Island's exports. The mini-mall area and its surrounding venues are owned and controlled by La Cueva Trading Inc.

The player area contains over 10 plots for people to set-up shop as desired, under a set fee. If you are interesting in creating a store in La Cueva, please contact Lez_.

In the Shopping District you can find our biggest brew shop, La Cueva Liquor Emporium, with over 45 different brews just for you to acquire and try.

As far as entertainment goes, here you can find a Cafe with a reading area and a cave bar with our strongest brews.

La Cueva Apartments

Map for The Fortified Island of La Cueva

La Cueva offers temporary or permanent housing to both Illyria's members and outside visitors. For details and fees contact Lez_.

La Cueva Casino

Feeling lucky? Come find out at the only active casino in the realm. With various slot machines and dice games, it is THE place to have a great night, improved only by La Cueva's special brews.

La Cueva also hosts a weekly lottery and other various gambling events.

The casino is owned and managed by Feeling Lucky Inc..

La Cueva Bank

The Island hosts its own bank, where residents can deposit their money, invest in local businesses and take on loans to acquire lands, goods or services.

The bank is owned and managed by The Commercial Bank of Illyria.

Cocoa Beach & La Cueva Bakery

Map for The Fortified Island of La Cueva

Have a deliciously syrupy slice of cake on the quiet Cocoa Beach, with our special Champagne.


Aerial view of the vineyard and surroundings.

Visit our great vineyard and have a taste of our finest wines and champagnes in the reserved Tasting Area.

Wheat, Potato & Carrot Fields

Our little farming area where the finest plants are grown, splashed by the sea water and basked in the sun.

Apple Orchad

Our best apples are grown here, on the hills of La Cueva.

Cacti & Sugar Terrace

This is where we grow our freshest cacti and sugar canes, along with a Tequila Party area, on the lake of La Cueva.

Cow Pasture

A lot of people drink on our Island. A lot. We also provide them with our freshest glasses of cold milk for after, from our locally loved cows, Daisy and Gina, who have a full pasture just for them and their outsprings.

Chicken Galore

One of our finest brew is the Greggnog. We took the eggnog recipe and spiced it out a bit and for that we need the freshest eggs, straight from our little chicken coop.

Illyria Docks

Illyria's military district, managed by by Fuad_R.

La Cueva Restaurant

Being the greatest brewery, people get hungry. We also offer one of the finest menus in the realm in terms of gastronomy, to go along with our finest wines and champagne. Our full-course menu will sure satisfy your hunger and clench your thirst. The Kitchen is equiped to the latest and highest standards of hygiene and efficiency. Our Island Chef only serves out the best quality of dishes and the most marvellous desserts.

The dining area can host over 15 people at once, with proper reservations being made before.

Brewery Bar

At the side of the brewery you can find its RestoBar, where you can taste some of Illyria's brews.

Foreign Relations

Being the home of brewing, La Cueva has founded a new union, The Brewnion. It is based on inter-cooperation regarding any brewing matters, with both trade agreements and economic agreements. It also seeks to protect the rights of those who work in breweries across the realm. At the moment the union is just forming, writing its documents and handling discussions with other towns, players and states. Current membership is composed of : Illyria.

La Cueva Anthem