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A view of the outpost's warp point

The Outpost is one of the 3 warp hubs on the server. Located at -1890756,-1894552.

The location allows for players to use 1.18/19 generated chunks, including the "caves and cliffs" terrain upgrades.

The location was created in December 2021, and is currently host to plenty of towns, with direct access to their respective nether highways.

More information about this area can be found below


Since February 2023, The Outpost has had it's own player discussion community named the OPC. All players are invited to attend and propose ideas / discuss and debate others.

Hub Rules


The Map of the Outpost zones, best viewed on Dynmap

The Outpost is split into 3 zones, the warp, the free-build zone, and the 75-rule-zone. The Free-build zone includes the central area, and all players are permitted to build within it in whichever style they wish. Granted that they do not make a low-effort build, which is gauged by staff. The 75-rule-zone is similar, but builds are instructed to be at a 75 block distance from one another in this boundary. This zone outlines the free build zone. The warp is not listed on the map, but the area immediately surrounding the place where players warp to cannot be modified without staff intervention.


Claiming builds begins with designing an outline, you will receive a 25 block claim to your build above and below. Signs do not count claims, and it is advised not to create an excessive count of claims.

Within the Free-build zone players are welcome to build next to someone else's structure, provided you grant them sufficient and respectable space based on what you both have built.


Shops are not allowed within the Free-Build zone, but are allowed in the 75-rule-zone.

Hub Features

The Outpost has an array of things to do within itself. Most of these focused around the Outpost Dock area.

Outpost Docks

The outpost docks are a collection of community ventures placed nearby the warp point, allowing for players to gather for server-wide events and communities far easier than to go to specific settlements.

The Book Club

The Book club is a community hub built around the writing culture on UltraVanilla. Featuring facilities for reading, archiving, and writing books.

The club also features a bar and lounge area, which makes for an atmospheric place in which players can use their free time, which are kitted out with decorative elements and plenty of artwork both new and old.

Inside the Outpost Auction House

The Auction House

The Auction house located further along the outpost docks is the new location for UV Auctions, which were moved out of the Spawn auction house prior to the first auction on December 10th 2022.

Far larger than it's spawn counterpart, it accomodates the space required to hold the large number of auction lots required, aswell as seat all the bidding parties during auctions. It is also set to be an events venue, in particular for the UV Awards Show 2022.

Inside the outpost lounge
The Outpost Lounge

The outpost lounge is located underneath the auctioneers platform within the auction house. Access can be found by "having a little look around." No further hints can be given due to its 'secrecy.'

The lounge celebrates the heritage of the Outpost region over it's first year. By including the flags, names, and maps of all it's current official settlements. It's designed using small touches from the original towns, and uses those small techniques accordingly throughout the space.

It also includes the "bar under the hammer" which during auctions can serve out drinks that are focused on the Outpost. aswell as a handful of other options.

This build is due to be expanded to accomodate more towns in the future.

The Fleet

The Fleet as seen from the East Side

The Fleet is a community project kickstarted by Smoke in October 2022. With the objective of constructing airships to fly over the outpost's ocean.

Many players set aloft their creations throughout October and November, with the event ending in December.

These airships can be accessed via elytra, and all have unique themes and ideas that make them stand out from one another, and make the fleet one of the most unique areas on the server. Each airship builder was given their own title of captain, and received a box of materials that allowed for basic construction methods during the event.

New airships may be welcomed as time progresses. A dedicated thread exists in Projects-And-Events on the UV Discord server.

Nether Hub

The Nether hub is similar to it's counterparts in Old Spawn and Spawn. Offering direct access to a network of highways linking the towns surrounding the warp point. This can be accessed via the nether portal directly infront of the warp spot.

The end portal room of the Outpost

Outpost End Portal

From the Nether hub is direct access to the Outpost's End Portal, which is the main hub for the end in this region.

This can be accessed via the first turn on the Western Highway


Cyp-R-Us can also be accessed directly from the Nether Hub, as one of the few shops constructed within the 75-rule-zone. Like the end portal, it is accessed from the West Highway.


The Outpost host's a vast array of towns spreading multiple designs and cultures. A new group dedicated to unifying these towns is currently underway.

Towns are split by highway and are in order of distance from the hub.

North Outpost
Town Screenshot Marker
Evergreen Icon.png Evergreen
Evergreen 2023-02-14.png
Hounderia 04
Savahford 07
U.K Freebuild Zone 11
Rotherhythe Icon.png Rotherhythe
Rotherhythe Court.png
Steambolt Icon.png Steambolt
Steambolt 2023-02-17.png
Frogtopia Icon.png Frogtopia
Frogtopia Buildings.png
South Outpost
Town Screenshot Marker
Pelura tau Theou Icon.png Dei Costas 4.5
Malus Icon.png Malus
Malus 2023-02-18.png
Araluen Icon.png Araluen 10+
West Outpost
Town Screenshot Marker
Illyria Icon.png Illyria
East Outpost
Town Screenshot Marker
Eden Icon.png Eden
Eden 2023-03-10.png
Pearlsville Icon.png Krill Lanka
Tegridy Icon.png Tegridy