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About the town


Frogtopia was founded in May 2022 by two players who shared a love of frogs (and map art). It sits on a patch of coast surrounded by large mountains and ocean. The main town area consists of lots of buildings and houses that are connected by paths. Surrounding the main town area, there are art pieces (some of which are frog themed) made by various town members as well as some crop farms. Underground, an alcohol cellar and brewery can be found along with an unfinished PVP arena.

Nether roof

Frogtopia has a fully fledged nether transportation system (ice roads with barriers) to allow easy access to several town projects not located within walking distance of the town center. Some of these projects are as follows:

  • Farm District
  • Map Art District

Building style

There is no official building style, however most of the buildings are constructed with dyed terracotta and lots of wood. Froglights and different variants of stone/ores are used in paths to create a contrast. Frog themed builds are not required however they are welcome!


Early days

Frogtopia was founded after two players wished not to conform to any one build style. Despite the town having differing choices in technique and palette, it all came together coherently and tastefully.

The town name was originally "Froglantis", but was changed to "Frogtopia" because there were no aquatic builds planned.

For the first month, the only two members were AlexxO_o and Alteriity, and there were no plans to invite more players.

The first building constructed was the villager hall, which is the purple building in the picture below. The fountain that currently defines the town center would be added later. During this time, the iconic Frogtopian mushrooms were also constructed.

Oldest picture of Frogtopia that the author could find.
Construction of the iconic mushrooms @ Frogtopia.
Alteriity and his army of cats.

Later half of 2022

The two founders of the town decided to open the town to the public and invite some players.

The first player to join was Spacesickprism. She would later construct a significant portion of the main town, including farms, a windmill and her own house.

One of Spacesickprism's farms and the windmill.

AlexxO_o and Alteriity were also hard at work creating map art. For more info, see the section on Map Art.

Early 2023

On 1/09/23 Frogtopia became an official UV town. The town nether portal was moved to a gazebo shaped structure. A similar structure was also built to house a map of the town. Both were built by Spacesickprism.

A floating island built by AlexxO_o can be seen in the background of the following image. At this time it was a work in progress.

With map art construction in full swing, Alteriity decided to make a large scale wool farm to supplement our wool needs.

GooseWithin built an alcohol cellar and also made a town tour minecart track. The minecart tracks seen in the cellar picture are part of it.

Spacesickprism and Alteriity at the map gazebo.
Alteriity at the wool farm.
Frogtopian alcohol cellar. Built by GooseWithin




  • 5/09/22 - Town is founded
  • 7/03/22 - Town is made public and first member joins


  • 1/09/23 - Town is now an official UV town

Map Art

Some players in Frogtopia are passionate about map art. There have been many maps made, and there is a project in progress that aims to make one map of every wool color.

Current layout

Location of the map art district in relation to the main town.