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About the town


Seacrestica was founded on the 19th January of 2024 by the player Niklas (aka. Niklas20114552), who wanted to build an underwater town. It sits on the bottom of an ocean.

Building style

There is no official building style, however most of the buildings are constructed with variations of deepslate and different stone types.


Early days

Seacrestica was founded by one player who wanted to build something different than the usual towns. He didn't really appreciate it that many towns have buildings that look very similar.

Originally the town was temporally called "Project SeaVille", but was changed to "Seacrestica" later.

For the first month, the only member was Niklas. Other players were invited though the notice board at spawn, but no players was explicitly invited.

The first building constructed was the town hall, which is the building in the picture below. Shortly after that the tree farm was constructed.

The town hall in it's final design
The tree farm with grown spruce trees


Black board



  • 1/19/24 - Town is founded
  • 5/10/24 - Seacrestica was given a Dynmap marker