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For the article on Rotherhythe's central area, See Rotherhythe Keep

Rotherhythe is a collective of small towns in the Northern region of the Outpost owned and operated by TheSecondLord and Mattesco. Currently based out of Rotherhythe Keep, the oldest official settlement at the outpost, the fortress that marks the centre of the region. It's extensive history of politics, culture and all that comes with it's smaller subsections are documented here in their own rights under the "Rotherhythe in Writing" project, which seeks to make information about the settlement more accessible. Under this program you can find all you need to know below.

The area is best known for being host to the annual Christmas Festival during the month of December


Overlord of Rotherhythe


Crown Prince & Princess of Rotherhythe

  • Hanaryheatwave
  • Mills




  • Reno (on behalf of Dixia)
  • Lez & Bliss (On behalf of Illyria)
  • Mr._Byzantine (on behalf of Steambolt)
  • Xo (on behalf of Solitude)


The Greater Rotherhythe area encompasses a large portion of land in the Northern Outpost Region aswell as an enclave in Old Spawn.

Rotherhythe Keep

For more information: Rotherhythe Keep

The entry gate to Rotherhythe Keep as viewed in neutral-season (The span of time where the Keep is not hosting decorations for seasonal purposes)

Rotherhythe Keep is at the heart of the region. An enormous fortress based out of a mountain, it has played host to many worldwide events and community projects, establishing itself as one of the most successful private settlements on UV.

With it's famous courtyard "The World's Stage" hosting many community events and projects over the years, it has become the most common thought when Rotherhythe as a state is brought to mind.

It's function is the beating heart of the region, hosting it's core storage facilities aswell as being the home to transport networks including the EGRK Expressway.

Deeper details on the Keep are on it's own wiki page as linked above, featuring it's history, event pedigree, and subdivisions that make up the entire facility.

Brasshelm Town

The Town as seen during the Harvest festival

For more information: Brasshelm Town

Brasshelm town is the town directly outside of Rotherhythe Keep. Featuring the relocation of the Christmas Market and the hosting of the Harvest Festival providing a more permanent shopping location on site. It also marks the first time any public housing was built in the Rotherhythe region on the platform by Mr._Byzantines dinosaur.

The town is the principle market space of Rotherhythe, with numerous shops occupying the space and many events due to arrive. Kicked off by the Harvest Festival of 2023.

The design scheme for this area is based around that of Howl's Moving castle, following a more industiral French scheme with grandeur and steampunk extras to keep it in line with the surrounding area.

The aesthetic was designed by TheSecondLord

Coppergate Valley

For more information: Coppergate Valley

Coppergate Valley with Cathedral on the Right

Coppergate Valley is Rotherhythe's second area, and first town. Located north of Rotherhythe Keep and viewable from the Talla Olimpigaech Ice Hockey rink. The town pays homage to medieval themes by maximising traditionalist medieval styles over those of Rotherhythe Keep. It shares the blackstone and Copper scheme on it's buildings lower layers, but resorts to deepslate to differentiate the upper ones.

The Town was opened for the Christmas Festival in 2023 and is the centre point of market and residential emphasis as well as home to Rotherhythe's Cathedral



TheSecondLord's Base

For more information: TheSecondLord's Base

Second's castle

TheSecondLord's Base is a castle build north west of Old Spawn, and to the West of Wolven and The Swamp.

The castle was the initial home to TheSecondLord, and for a while Mattesco. Hosting Second's main storages all the way until May 2022 in which everything was transferred out of the old base and into Rotherhythe.

Alot of Rotherhythe's key heritage begins with this castle.

Documentation about it's history is missing and rare to come by, meaning that the main story behind it is unknown.


Rotherhythe is host to many world renowned events that have taken place over the history of UV

Annual / Frequent events

These are events that Rotherhythe host's on either an annual scheduled basis, or as a frequently recurring event.

Ice Hockey / Jousting

Rotherhythe is the spiritual home to the sport of Ice Hockey, having hosted the sport 6 times since February 2022. Rotherhythe Keep is the principle host of the sport, being the home of the Talla Olimpigaech arena, which is the key venue for UltraVanilla Ice Hockey events. Having first hosted the sport for the 3rd UltraVanilla Olympics in 2022, and overseeing the first Ice Hockey Summer Showdown events, which are Rotherhythe's own in-house sporting event purely for Ice Hockey.

For the IV Olympic Games, Rotherhythe added Ice Jousting to it's program of events.

The Christmas Festival

The Christmas Festival, first hosted in 2022, is an annual Christmas celebration in Rotherhythe Keep where multiple events and a themed Christmas Market are set up surrounding the Courtyard in the centre of the Palace. The central space, which changes per season of the year, is dressed in festive fashion to allow for a unique experience that engages the visitors and shop owners with the celebration of the holiday season. In 2022, this event was recorded as a resounding success, and returned for December 2023.

One Time Events

These are events that have been hosted once, or do not follow a regular pattern.

IV UV Olympics - Ceremonies

On April 29th 2023, Rotherhythe will host the Opening Ceremony to the 4th UltraVanilla Olympic Games, and a day later will witness the closing ceremony as well.

45th USUV Meeting

The 45th USUV Meeting came to Rotherhythe on October 30th 2022. Making use of Rotherhythe Keep's new meeting hall, located within the Copper Gatehouse that acts as the landmark of the Rotherhythe region. Beeper was assassinated by a drop to the head from a hole in the ceiling at this meeting.

64th USUV Meeting

The 64th USUV Meeting was held in Rotherhythe on December 30th 2023. The meeting hall from the 45th meeting was re-used. This meeting, after long preparation, was where Rotherhythe declared its final exit from USUV. In tribute of last time, Kowcio was assassinated by an anvil dropped from a hole in the ceiling. This was done after membership had been withdrawn to dodge sanctions.

1st OPC Meeting

The first meeting of the Outpost Community took place in Rotherhythe in February 2023, marking the very first time all Outpost settlements came together to build a community discussion group. The meeting occurred in Rotherhythe Keep's central hall, their main gathering venue located inside the Copper Castle which was constructed principly for this meeting.

The Final Voyage

As the conclusion to Mattesco's final day, this event saw players join him for one final horse ride from Steambolt to Rotherhythe along the Outpost trail, after having spent the day visiting many towns across the server for the final time.

A low-key opening of the Rotherhythe World Museum took place at the conclusion of this event, followed by the total resignation of duty, responsibility and activity of Mattesco thereafter.

Foreign Relations of the State

Embassies in Rotherhythe

Rotherhythe is home to 12 diplomatic missions from other States, all of these are located in Rotherhythe Keep

Present Foreign Relations

USUV Icon.png USUV

Rotherhythe became a provisional member of the USUV on April 23rd 2022. Alongside Totemia at the 36th USUV Meeting in Evergreen, At the 38th Meeting in Cloud City, Rotherhythe would be elected to a full membership.

On October 30th 2022, Rotherhythe hosted the 45th USUV Meeting.

On December 30th 2023 Rotherhythe will host the 64th USUV meeting - It's membership was formally relinquished by request at this meeting. Rotherhythe's relations to USUV formally closed on December 30th 2023 at the 64th USUV Meeting.

Rotherhythe's membership to USUV lasted 1.5 years - Running over the course of 28 meetings.

OPC Icon.png.pngOPC

One of Rotherhythe's initial motives was to build a community for the outpost, hoping to bring the region closer together and to bring focus and light to the vast array of possibilities for the outpost's future if integrated.

The first OPC meeting took place in Rotherhythe on February 25th 2023.

Eden Icon.png Eden

Rotherhythe's official relations with Eden began when the Eden embassy opened up in February 2023.

Steambolt Icon.png Steambolt

Rotherhythe's northern neighbour, Steambolt, is also a steampunk town. The two towns share a common name under the term "Steam Team" which was first used in their successful bid to co-host the Redstone Expo. Steambolt has an embassy in Rotherhythe. The two will construct an overworld rail link between eachother.

Evergreen Icon.png Evergreen

Rotherhythe & Evergreen share a diplomatic history spanning most of 2022. With the beginning of a plan to bring the two closer together (culminating in the EGRK Expressway) strengthening the relationship between them.

Since August 2022, construction on the First Rotherhytherian Embassy has been ongoing in the Southern hills of Evergreen, making this Rotherhythe's first diplomatic endeavour.

This embassy was relocated to the EGRK Station in 2023. Evergreen was given an embassy site in Rotherhythe Keep in exchange.

Illyria Icon.png Illyria

Illyria opened an embassy in Rotherhythe Keep in December 2022. Hosting Lez's collection of Rotherhythe awards aswell as a monument dubbed the copper barrel. A monument of friendship that signals to Illyria's Brewing heritage and Rotherhythe's traditional copper design.

Totemia Icon.png Totemia

Totemia host's an embassy in Rotherhythe Keep, aswell as being home to the currently under construction embassy of Rotherhythe Keep, upon opening, it will be the first embassy constructed, however it will be recognised as the 2nd, since the 1st in Evergreen was planned out for construction beforehand.

Malbork Icon.png Malbork

Malbork opened a Rotherhythe embassy in December 2022, a calming space designed by Kowcio to represent Malbork's culture and design, featuring many maps, arts, and banners from the region.

Malus Icon.png Malus

The embassy of Malus can be found in Rotherhythe Keep, it was created in December 2022 as part of the first wave of embassies, alongside Malbork, Totemia and Illyria. Malus and Rotherhythe have a lengthy history together, having competed in a unified team for the Olympic Games in 2023

Terni Icon.png Terni

Terni became the first town to open an embassy in the Second Wave, opening up in the Brasshelm Town zone of the Castle.