The Christmas Festival

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The Christmas Festival is an annual event that takes place over the holiday season in Rotherhythe. As of 2023, the festival has begun fundraising for Charities and creating high-intensity activity on UltraVanilla.

Christmas Festival 2023 - In aid of Great Ormond Street Hospital

The festival is in aid of Great Ormand Street Hospital

The 2023 Christmas Festival is beginning on November 25th 2023, bringing 15+ events through and creating a non-stop December of engaging community activities


For the first time on UV, the event will be a fundraiser. Taking place to support Great Ormond Street Hospital

The event will be actively supporting their Charity program, while also having it's own Donation program.

Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH)

Great Ormond Street Hospital is a childrens hospital in London. Taking care of terminally ill Children as well as those suffering from life-long conditions and other illnesses. GOSH is widely acclaimed for their care programs that save many childrens lives and have ensured safe futures for many. While also doing their best to fund fun and engaging events in their hospital for the patients who may not be leaving.

Our pledge with this fundraiser is to continue our support for their causes and what they do.

Diamonds for Charity Program

The Diamonds for Charity program is a key part of the Christmas Festival. Where a final total donation fund will be transacted into a final GBP donation to the charity

This fund will be contributed to via official donation booths and by enabling market stall owners to establish sponsor cuts towards the charity out of their total revenues.

The Diamonds given through the donation box or stall cuts will be handed off to the Staff Fund once the GBP calculations have been made, The fund is used to invest in community projects or events on UV.


The Community market is beginning a phased opening from November 11th, where stall construction will be first permitted.

Stalls will not sell stock until November 25th, when the Festival officially opens.

Players are encouraged to get creative, by opening minigames or shops


Prime Time events are events designed around an EU / Prime hours timetable, typically used by most UV events

Silent Night events are events designed around an NA friendly, late night timetable.

Quest Events

Every Sunday a piece of a 5 part quest event will commence, adding an extra layer to the experience. More details soon

Past events

Christmas Festival 2022

The Christmas Festival 2022 was hosted in Rotherhythe Keep's courtyard. Transforming the otherwise clear space into a winter wonderland, making utmost use of the grounds to offer a wide variety of options for market owners and visitors to enjoy, the event was hosted principly by Mattesco and backed by TheSecondLord.


Rotherhythe's copper palace decorated with a gold star

Rotherhythe's Christmas Festival was announced in October 2022 and preparation for the courtyard hub began in November. Construction on the site was completed on November 20th. A Discord thread was opened to prepare for players moving in to construct stalls and other items.

During the event

The Christmas festival saw huge foot traffic throughout December, seeing a rise in journeys to and from Rotherhythe. Due in large part to the magnitude of community offerings and new market stalls popping up. The first Public Embassies were built during the event, and Rotherhythe hosted a Christmas Dinner and two hockey events. Multiple raffles were also held by community market owners. Huwulling hosted a fashion show in mid-December.