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Aurora is a staff-maintained shopping district and was formerly the main shop area on the server. It was founded as Vanilla City in January 2019 and soon fell into decay, but was changed into a shopping base in summer 2019 after the closure of the shops at spawn and the Ship Shops. The center of the shopping district is located at approximately X 2, Y 471. Shops are stocked, built, and operated by individuals, however the plots belong to staff and may not be sold or traded.

It was replaced by its successor, Borealis, following the relocation of Spawn in summer 2020.


Map of Aurora, July 2020.


Publix contains the public selling area where anyone can set up chests with items for sale. In the basement of Publix, automated farms provide free food crops, and a chess board is available to play.

Portal Building

The nether portal building is the entrance to Aurora, and has rooms for players to set up shops if any are available.

Current Shops

A list of the current shops in Aurora: (please help fill this in)