The Beacon Store

From UltraVanilla

The Beacon Store was Hellssponge's store in Aurora, famous for being the first place on the server to buy beacons and making Hellssponge the first mogul, accumulating 11 stacks of diamond blocks. It was also the first store in aurora to feature a beacon beam. The store was noteworthy, visually, because it contained a massive 7*7 map of the surrounding area, as well as a color-changing beacon beam, all workstations, an enchanting table, and a few other odds-and-ends as time went on. It is the predecessor to The Money Store and follows The Jungle Store.

Though inconsistent, the store featured many secrets, which went on to lay the groundwork for secrets hidden within the money store. Originally created as a way to hide a TNT store from new players, secrets of The Beacon Store included a chest that sold T.N.T. for 35 diamonds. Other secret chests existed but have been lost to time.

The store itself consisted of a quartz column structure, with prismarine trim and purple glass. It sold up to 32 items in different single chests, many of which are listed below. The prices varied day-to-day. The store also distributed free early drafts of the UV rulebook.

Slime balls - 3/stack

Blaze rods - 3/stack

Steak - 2/stack

Leather 4/stack

Rockets - 3/stack

Gunpowder - 9/stack

Iron Bars - 2/stack

Gold Bars - 3/stack

Assorted Records - 3/each

Healing Potions - 0.5/each

Elytra (Enchanted) - 30/each

End Loot - 3/each

Ghast Tears - 1/each

Magma Cream - 4/stack

Beacons - 45/each

Snow Layers - 1/stack

String - 2/stack

Wither Roses - 3/stack

Soul Sand - 2/stack

Magma - 2/stack

Ice - 1/stack

Packed Ice - 2/stack

Assorted Flowers - 1/stack

Assorted Wool - 0.33/stack