The Jungle Store

From UltraVanilla

The Jungle Store was a store owned by Hellssponge, located on the spawn boat in mid-2019 prior to the closing of the boat. The store itself consisted of two double chests in the below deck of the store, on the right side. The name of the store came from a jungle sign with dark green dye labeling the store. The store itself is somewhat famous for preceding the massive, famous stores created by Hellssponge. The name of the store dictated the style of the names of future stores (The Money Store; The Beacon Store), allowing the jungle-style design chosen for the sign to have its influence persist to this day.

The store itself sold, in addition to assorted books:

Iron Bars - 2/stack

Slime Balls - 4/stack

Blaze Rods - 3/stack

Magma Cream - 5/stack

Gold Bars - 3/stack

Gunpowder - 8/stack