The Money Store

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The Money Store (TMS) was an isolated store owned by Hellssponge. The name was chosen as a reference to several things, primarily the Death Grips album by that name, of which Hellssponge was a mild fan. Also, it was a reference to an dystopian fictional bank, as well as a non-dystopian real one, and a reference to the large amount of wealth displayed in the store itself. It used to sell over 70 different items and is available by walking to the nether hub at old spawn and walking straight forward - travelling down the green path for only a few blocks before continuing straight down the stairs.


The Money Store was created in late 2019 to house the wares of The Beacon Store, its predecessor in Aurora. To minimize travel distance, it was placed in the center of an unused ocean near the current (old) spawn, 800 blocks away. During a period of minimal activity by sponge in early 2020, The Money Store became inactive, then reopening with 10 chests of items that many described as overpriced. When Hellssponge's interest in the store returned, the store returned to its previous glory, where it currently sits.


The Money Store is home to many significant flexes illustrating the wealth of its creator, Hellssponge. The store itself is large, made entirely of spruce, and has a fairly intricate wall design. It's entirely on its own island, with an entryway paved with enchanting tables. The store displays six large maps, each of a major town. The store is ornamented with sets of enchanted armor, ores, records, and mob heads. The floor of the store features a reflection effect, where the entire store has been mirrored underwater to create the illusion of a well-polished floor. All beacon buffs and conduit power surround the store.

While the jungle area under the store was an attempt at flexing, Sponge failed to consider that using maps to color beacons would look ugly, resulting in an odd look and ultimately a failure to live up the above-ground store.


The Money Store sells items Sponge obtains from his AFK farms and villager trading hall. The stock for the store includes every pre-1.16 book for 3 diamonds each, every pre-1.16 record for 1 diamond each, as well as the following items, with prices in terms of diamonds:

String - 1/stack

Gunpowder - 1/stack

Rockets - 1/stack

Gold - 3/stack

Iron Blocks - 3/stack

Slime Blocks - 3/stack

Leather - 3/stack

Steak - 1/stack

Beacons - 25/ea

Wither Skeleton Skulls - 22/3 skulls

Ice - 1/stack

Bookshelves - 2/stack

Tridents - 75/ea

Ghast Tears - 1/ea

Blaze Rods - 3/stack

Sea Pickles - 1/stack


The money store has several secrets. First, if you throw an item in the entryway of the store, you will be given temporary access to a chest granting one free potion per day. If you visit midday, you will be offered a free stack of rockets.

Walking directly through the center of the bottom map results in finding a hidden attic. This area has access to a second secret jungle area, where a wither statue and all six beacon bases can be found.

The store had previous secrets that have since been disabled, all revealing chests of some kind. One required a rabbit be cooked in a blast furnace in the corner, another required a composter be filled. Another required a button along the trim be pressed.

The Shed Incident

At one point ShedJr, feeling annoyed by the prices, renamed the sign to The Money Store, as "The Rip-off Store." Understandably Hellssponge was annoyed and Shed got a stern warning. Since then Shed has been very pro-Money Store.