Prism Inc.

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Prism Inc.'s Official Logo.

Prism Inc. is a company founded by emrekn. It used to be known as Crazy Loot Inc. when emrekn sold enchanted books, fireworks and things he got his hand to; in a Publix stall. It's currently co-owned by emrekn and Blaikuskus. Prism has branched out to many different areas.

Prism Tower

Prism Tower

Prism Tower is an Aurora shop located next to OOSE Tower. It mainly sells grindy goodies. It's owned by Blaikuskus and has a micro-casino below.

Prism Official

Prism Official is the first ever Prism Shop. It's an Aurora shop located next to OOSE Tower. It mainly sells shulkers and End loot. It's owned by emrekn.

Prism Lootboxes

Prism Inc.'s main income comes from their lootboxes. A lootbox is sold from 9 diamonds and it is a shulker filled with goodies. Boxes have randomized rarities.

Prism Ammunitions

Prism Official

Prism started manifacturing ranged combat weapons and black market military-grade gadgets for an auction. They since gained an estimated 128 diamonds from weapons.

Prism Casinos

Prism only has 1 micro-casino located in Aurora. They are planning to open a new casino in Alliance City located in the entertaintment district soon.