Coppergate Valley

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Coppergate Valley is a small medieval style village, slightly North of Rotherhythe Keep.

As a district of the Rotherhythe region, Coppergate is included in the overall branching of Rotherhythe

It's an open build, where all players are invited to construct anything they want, so long as it sticks to the theme.

The Town

The Town only houses 2 structures at present.

The Brasshelm

The Brasshelm, named after the original name given to Rotherhythe Keep's gatehouse. Is a pub and Inn visible from the Talla Olimpigaech Ice Hockey arena. The lower floor is occupied by the Pub, built in a classic English fashion, with the upper floors housing rooms for the Inn.

It's most striking feature is it's tower, which shares it's dark oak and stone palette with the rest of the structure, and shares the floral themes as seen in the town.

The Brasshelm Pub seen shortly after completion in May 2022

Solar's house

A small wooden house just west of the pub is Solar's house.

Solar_Power, was a short time resident of Rotherhythe during May and June 2022. Helping contribute to other builds and projects. They are yet to log back in.