Coppergate Valley

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What is Coppergate Valley?

Coppergate Valley is a large medieval settlement north of Rotherhythe Keep in the Rotherhythe region. The Town mainly consists of Rotherhythe's main shops and external facilities

How to get there?

You can currently access Coppergate by flying north from the main Rotherhythe portal, or by connecting from the Outpost North road from Evergreen to the one to Steambolt, with the town serving as the connecting branch.

What's on?

Coppergate Valley hosts the main market for the Christmas Festival, as well as UV Pub quizzes, drinks parades and ceremonial events in the Cathedral.


Brief History

Coppergate Valley was founded in March 2022 to be one of 4 originally planned Rotherhythe residential zones. This initially being called the "Canyon Zone" along with the "Gate Zone" which became Brasshelm town and the scrapped "Lake Zone" city. The first buildings were set up in May 2022, however no progress would be truly made until October 2023 when its overhaul as Coppergate Valley began after the building of the Coppergate Bridge to the north.

Build's and Locations

Coppergate Valley has a variety of locations and zones that are constantly evolving and expanding to include new structures.

Coppergate is split between 3 zones, South Bank, West River and East Bank

South Bank

The South Bank of the Valley is host to most of Coppergates connections to Central Rotherhythe