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What is Rotherhythe Keep?

Rotherhythe Keep is a private Fortress located north of the outpost spawn region and is officially the oldest outpost settlement. it's constructed in a Medieval / Industrial style, with heavy influences of ice and snow due to it's location in a mountain. The Location is mostly inactive in terms of public works, but during seasonal events, especially December, the Keep will open its doors to the public for events.

How to get there?

Rotherhythe Keep can currently be accessed via the Northern Highway out of the Outpost, Located just past the 13th marker, and to the right.

If you're in for an adventure, try walking the Outpost road from Steambolt or the Outpost via Evergreen!

What's on?

Rotherhythe hosts events on occasion Including: The Christmas Festival (December), The Birthday special (December 24th), Summer Showdown (July), UV Olympics Ice Hockey, and by visiting seasonally, guests can experience the World's stage changing into a new environment year round.

Brief History

Rotherhythe was founded on December 24th 2021 under the name "Brasshelm Keep". Constructed initially to serve as a new home for TheSecondLord, the fortress would grow to a point where outward expansion lead it's development into a town under Mattesco. With time, Rotherhythe would prosper, developing a new stance as an event hosting base. With the growth of the central area out into a massive courtyard which would be updated seasonally and host big festivals.

Build's and Locations

Rotherhythe Keep has numerous places to visit, explore and experience all purpose built with minimal space wasted or unused. This approach to usability and function has resulted in an expansive place to find new secrets and areas, all of which can take up a healthy portion of your time to take in.

Rotherhythe Keep is split between two zones. Inside, and outside.

Inside the Keep - Centre

Inside the Keep is where you will find the central core of Rotherhythe. Serving as the roots of which the settlement grew out of, Rotherhythe Keep has a history and can be a worthwhile visit.

Desertion Initiative

A core section of how Rotherhythe functions is in its legacy format. At moments notice, any unused or discontinued sections of Roth can be converted into museum pieces, with showcases of their purpose frozen in time thereafter.

Copper Gatehouse

The Copper Gatehouse as seen upon completion: December 24, 2021.

The Copper Gatehouse is the first structure on site, completed on December 24th 2021, this structure marked the foundations to the first settlement in the Outpost region.

Initial Build

The build was the debut of the signature blackstone + copper colour combo. The structure is the landmark and icon of the region as a whole

Alternatively, the Gatehouse was purposed as a sheltering structure to host the front door for Rotherhythe Keep, The door is a strikingly huge struture, with lava lighting up the walls that share the design of the over-arcing structure.

Interior Renovation

Copper Gatehouse - Former USUV Hall

In October 2022, the formerly disused interior of the Gatehouse was given new life in the form of a USUV Hall to host the 45th USUV Meeting on October 31st. This renovation brought about many changes to the structure, including a full balcony on the shelter deck and staircase access located straight behind the door it hosts. The interior of the structure initially included 2 floors, however to accomodate the USUV Hall's Redstone voting structure, these were combined into one with the upper level being a light source via it's extra windows and lighting fixtures. The vote count was located in the upper space to be visible from the majority of desks on the table below.

Hall Retirement

After hosting 4 different events - USUV 45, Christmas Dinner 2022, Olympics IV Fireworks, and finally USUV 64, the hall was retired. Its final event was the 64th USUV Meeting, wherein Rotherhythe discontinued its membership of USUV. The hall was modified one last time to include a new legacy rug, and a grave at the site of the 2 infamous assassinations, with the hole in the roof used for both still left open.

The hall is being left dormant and isolated as part of Rotherhythe Keep's desertion initiative

Landmark Status

The Gatehouse is the defining structure of Rotherhythe, featuring on many branding elements to Rotherhythe's numerous events, and inspiring the regions banner. The structure has overseen countless events and changes on the courtyard space, and was at the heart of the IV UltraVanilla Olympics opening ceremony.

Central Hall

The Central Hall hosts multiple rooms and areas within Rotherhythe, marked by a central sculpture, the beacon egg, which is an icy relic of a frozen past, providing speed to all who enter the fortress. Surrounded by statues of Roths 4 leaders.

TheSecondLord's room

Storage Room

The Storage room in Rotherhythe is made up of 2 L shaped lanes. One for blocks and the other for items. the storage room is currently due a renovation to create an easier and more viable layout with sorting mechanism. Due to Rotherhythe's strict codes against lag, this project is expected to take significant time to complete.

TheSecondLord's Room

Second has made home in the Rotherhythe Central Hall. Located in a room besides the stairs up to the USUV Hall, his room occupies a small area within the Keep, but it's convenient location and tidy design make it the excellent location for a set home.

The World's most Useless Bridge

Constructed as a winning design for the Bridge build competition, Seconds copper bridge spans the gap over the ravine Rotherhythe is built in and onward to what is intended to be a throne room. Due to delays however, the bridge had been jokingly dubbed "The worlds most useless bridge"

In May 2023, Second finally built his throne room, and the tag of the World's most useless bridge was lost

Meeting Room

The Meeting room is a small room built in the South East corner of the Central Hall. The design purpose of this was to be used for meetings between Mattesco & TheSecondLord and any other players for any kind of diplomatic or generally private meetings.

Inside the Keep - North

This section focuses entirely on everything down the North Hallway, aka "The Hall of Champions"

Hall of Champions in Hockey

The Hall of Champions with Summer 2023 Bunting installed

The Hall of Champions is the north hallway dedicated to players who have won any Ice Hockey competitions

Along the hallway are plinths, tagged with the name of the winners and the name of the competition they won, in conjunction with the date of their victory.

Summer Showdown Renovation

For the Summer Showdown, a row of bunting was added in this hall to reflect the colours of the event.

Roth's first interior build

Interestingly, this hallway was the first piece of Rotherhythe's interior zone to be completed, being built along with the Ice Hockey hall for the III UV Olympics in 2022, making it the first area to be built, even before the central or storage halls!

TheSecondLord Ice Hockey Arena

The renowned home to one of UV's greatest sport icons, TheSecondLord Ice Hockey arena has overseen every Ice Hockey tournament since it's debut as the new home of Hockey at the III UV Olympics, taking over from the ice hall under TheSecondLord's Base.

Ice Hockey Arena in it's renovated form. As seen before Olympic All-Stars. Visible on the left is the glass logo

Initial Build

The arena is designed to celebrate Rotherhythes nature, with it's striking ice roof raining down a frozen river before the audience and above the competitors. The structure rests within a cylindrical frame wedged under an artificial cliffside, allowing natural light to flow through the stadium. The seat galleries accomodate any to all spectators with ease. This version also included a staircase heading down to a lower level. Rumours state this still exists hidden behind one of the walls...

Olympic All-Stars renovation

For the All-Stars competition, the Ice Hockey hall went under renovations. Previously, a roof had been added to the field of play to improve mobility and speed up play as part of the new Ice Hockey rules. This time the seat galleries were updated to be seated above a copper and blackstone wall, with the room getting new light fixtures located under it's new carpeted floors. The banners of all competitors were also rearranged in an even pattern, finally, the Hall of Champions was opened, awarding all previous event winners with their own placement for a statue along with a plaque.


Ice Hockey is one of UV's most played sporting events, featuring alongside Slap Off as the Olympics' most returned sport. The rules are simple:

  • Two teams (either one or two players) take up positions on either side next to their goals
  • The puck (a player in a suit of diamond armour) is in the centre, netherite isnt used due to its reduced knockback
  • Both teams then push (or pull) the puck using fishing rods toward the opposing sides goal.

Summer Showdown '23 Renovation

For the Summer Showdown in 2023. A new equipment room was added along with bunting on the hall of champions

Mattesco Ice Jousting Cavern

The Jousting Cavern during the Summer Showdown 2023

As a home for a new sport - Ice Jousting - Debuting at the IV UV Olympics, the Ice Jousting Cavern was built directly below the Ice Hockey arena and is accessible via elevator.

Initial Build

The cavern was built as part of a general renovation to the northern face of mount Rotherhythe, with a new wall structure being built between the bottom of the Ice Hockey arena's glass wall and down to the top edge of the Jousting Caverns roof.

Coppergate Renovations

As Coppergate Valley began construction immediately surrounding the Ice Jousting Cavern, new facilities and infrastructure improvements were put in place. These included a new Hockey Training centre positioned directly adjacent to the two stacked venues, as well as a new site for a sports bar located in he garden frames located along the Western edge of the stadium.


Players are equipped with a crossbow and multiple arrows, both sit in boats at opposing ends of the arena, just outside render distance to prevent pre-firing. This can be played either solo or duo

  • Players take on the role of driving or shooting in duos, and both in solos
  • The aim is to destroy the opposing boat with your crossbow
  • First boat destroyed loses

Mattesco's Secret Lair

The Room was decorated with Olympic decor after becoming the HQ of the Duolympics

Secret for around 1.5 years from the renovation of the Hockey arena for Olympic all stars in November 2022, to around January 2024 during the 5th UV Anniversary tour. Mattesco's lair was host to numerous event organising facilities, and later on the main outfit production suite for Voyage.

Events management

To manage and host events, a special facility has existed between the two arenas of Ice Hockey (above) and the Ice Jousting Cavern (below) which used to store all the prize boxes and host meetings to discuss these meetings

Outfits creation

Terni Sets being stored before release

The main base for Rotherhythes Armour trims throughout the management of Voyage Seasons has also been located in this suite, running from mid 2023 to January 2024, with ownership being given back to Mills and Voyage as a whole.

All sets were made and compiled in this suite before being released, and every armour trim, ore and dye combo is featured within it.

This is UV's only other major trim station outside of Alliance City.


Due to Mattesco's fortune, and other secret operations during Christmas and the Voyage anniversary line were stored in here, it was kept a secret location hidden via a secret passage hidden under the Hockey equipment room. The Secret was dropped during a tour on UV's 5th anniversary

Inside the Keep - South

This section focuses on everything in the South hall aka: "The hall of champions in arts"

Hall of Champions in Arts

The South hall is considered the final major addition to Rotherhythe Keep, as it was built in January 2024 and concluded the final major build of Rotherhythe's central mountain zone - The Rotherhythe World Museum

The Hall of Champions in Arts as viewed from the centre point of Rotherhythe Keep

Initial Build

The South Hall has existed for some time, but spent most of it's existence locked behind a giant Deepslate wall in preparation for whatever purpose it may serve. For most of it's existence from March 2022 to around November 2023, the South Hall was just going to be used as an offload for side rooms and farms from the Hall of Champions. However, as planning for the Museum came along, it was found that the hall perfectly lined up with the museum's East wing, and it was therefore designated a third entrance and converted into the Hall of Champions in Arts to counter it's opposing Hall of Champions in Hockey

Designation in honour

The South Halls designation to honour "champions of Arts" was chosen to replicate that of the North hall, and was dedicated to all of Rotherhythe's victories in Build and Screenshot competitions, with Rotherhythe hosting the servers largest number of trophies in all.

Built on plinths, with plaques celebrating the winning player and category, are little dioramas of each winning piece.

Outside the Keep - Centre

The Centre and West of the Keep exterior are the most famous parts of Rotherhythe. Overseeing much of the golden era in the settlement, being dubbed fittingly as "The World's Stage."


The Courtyard is what most players would call their first experience in the settlement. As host to the regions main portal, the Courtyard where most worldwide events take place.

Seasonal Changes

The Courtyard is updated on a seasonal basis to be themed around the defined season. This is a tradition dating back to September 2022 when the Keep was designed in a halloween fashion. These changes follow a storyline that may allude to future secrets yet to be revealed...

Seasonal exclusive bonuses

During Winter 2022, the centre of the marketplace was home to festival park, which hosted a Christmas tree. This park was not reinstated for spring.

During Springtime, the eastern end of the zone was converted into the site for the Olympic Ceremonies.

During Summertime, The Courtyard was decorated for Pride Month

During Autumntime, the Courtyard was home to a range of sniffers


The Courtyard has hosted a plethora of key events in UV History, it's most notable to date being the Christmas Festival.

In December 2022, the Courtyard hosted it's first annual Christmas Festival

In April 2023, the Courtyard was host to the Opening and Closing Ceremonies of the Fourth UV Olympic Games.

In July 2023, the Courtyard became the home grounds for Summer Showdown celebrations

In October 2023, the Courtyard hosted Competitive Farming at the Harvest Festival

Copper Castle Embassies

On the courtside of the Copper Castle is the main ambassadorial corner to the Region. Currently host to 13 embassies from:

These embassies are designed by their respective towns to decorate the interior by their wishes. A settlement upon acceptance is allowed to occupy a segment of the building and decorate it as they wish from top to bottom.

The initial run of 8 embassies was completed in March 2023. A 9th site was opened up above Krill Lanka, now occupied by Cyprus.

Outside the Keep - South

The Museum Garden with Mechtesco

The South side of the external zone is the last cardinal direction built in Rotherhythe's Central area. Being set up in January 2024 to host facilities and space for the replacement to Rotherhythe's World Museum

Museum Garden

The Museum garden was constructed in January 2024 as central Rotherhythe's last area, and as part of this, a special monument was created to cement this special place in Rotherhythe History by commemorating the towns that had funded the Museum project. With 1 banner in the centre, representing that of Rotherhythe itself as the museums largest fund and host builder and each of the 8 town banners included in the circular garden represent one of these funding towns:

Rotherhythe World Museum

Main article: Rotherhythe World Museum

The Rotherhythe World Museum is Rotherhythe's central display for all the artefacts collected by it's founders: Mattesco and TheSecondLord, including those originating from TheSecondLord's Base It's recommended to read the Main Article for more info on what you can find inside.

Outside the Keep - East

The eastern side of the outdoor courtyard is known as the "Copper Palace" dubbed so as an extension of Rotherhythe Keep. The facilities here are located inside of two curved factory style buildings. These buildings were designed months after the Gatehouse, but compliment it as an addition to it's structure and style. Originally build to accomodate shops, these were retooled to become Rotherhythe's key infrastructure.

Rotherhythe Library

Rotherhythe Library viewed from the former World Museum

The Rotherhythe Library has existed in some form since the building of Rotherhythe's "Wings" in March 2022. It's current iteration involves it being the home of Rotherhythe's Books in the wake of it's RP form. The library formerly hosted the Rotherhythe World Museum before the construction of it's own dedicated facility in January 2024

The ground floor is focused around the library which is a chill space for travellers who have a taste for the world of literature. Featuring countless books from server history split into 4 categories, the library is overseen by Mrs. Bookhorn, a lit-loving goat who found herself upon a bookshelf one morning on UV.

Rotherhythe Museum Shop

Formerly the Rotherhythe Tourist centre before Rotherhythe left USUV, the Museum Shop is a space to sell custom merchandise from Rotherhythe, including 4 unique shields and 12 different Outfits from Rotherhythe's classic and Ancient eras.

Rotherhythe Tourist Centre

The tourist centre was built upon the announcement of USUV tours back in early 2022. Including guide books, a lounge and a dedicated gathering point for the tour. When USUV stopped running these tours sometime in early 2023, the centre was mothballed, and it's fate was sealed when membership to USUV was terminated, securing no need for such a vast structure.

In spirit of this however, the Museum Shop is considered to be the general meeting place for tours

OPE Station - Rotherhythe Palace

Rotherhythe Palace station occupies the North side of the Copper Palace zone. It was agreed in September 2022 that this would be the site of the station, and the former shop units were thereby closed off for construction. Construction completed in December 2022 and the station opened in January 2023 once the platforms had been completed.

Ticket Hall

Rotherhythe Palace EGRK Station platforms

The ticket hall is home to 1 of the 5 famous Rotherhythe Ice Roofs, which rains down over the upper gallery area and ticket hall. Inside the ticket hall is a model locomotive. The station has a coffee store upstairs and ticket facilites below.

Platform Level

The platforms are accessed via drop shaft elevators. The station features a terminus island platform for both lanes of EGRK traffic. Like the ticket hall 100 blocks above, this hall contains one of the 5 ice roofs of Rotherhythe. The walls are adorned with the Copper Cross of Rotherhythe with the signature emblem raised above the entrance to the elevators.

Outside the Keep - West

The western fringe of the Keep is bordered by the Copper Castle, a structure that marks the border between Rotherhythe Keep and Brasshelm town

Copper Castle

The Copper castle is the final large structure built in Rotherhythe Keep. As the border between Brasshelm town and Rotherhythe Keep, its historic fortifications make it the excellent gateway to the heart of Rotherhythe.

Rotherhythe's Great Hall

Great Hall

The great hall is Rotherhythe's hosting hall for numerous events of flexible types. It's designed to accomodate politics, events, and be used as a ballroom. It's first event and use was being used by the OPC for it's first gathering on Februrary 25 2023.

Designed with it's floor on the lower level, and parliamentary seat glaleries above, it represents the key parts of whatever event needs it. Making it a prime example of flexible design on UltraVanilla.

It's balcony overlooks the Courtyard, however the pillar in the centre blocks the direct view of the Hall from the USUV Hall, which is a symbolic representation of the independence to the OPC.

The entrance to the hall can be found in Brasshelm Town


The gate that guards the west end of the Copper Castle tunnel

The Tunnel under the Copper Castle will be the site of the next wave of embassy locations. Designed as a raw copper art piece, it functions as the main exit and entrance to Rotherhythe Keep.

Guarded by a copper gate and a wither skeleton, the tunnel is a modern take on the concept of drawbridge entry. Where selection of entrants is done by the moving of a physical barrier.

Outside the Keep - North

The Northern reaches of Rotherhythe Keep are home to some of it's most elegant designs

The Foundry

The Foundry, constructed by TheSecondLord, is a raw copperworks that is home to some of Rotherhythe's greatest Copper foundrymen. Perhaps this location is a tiny bit more than meets the eye....

The Grand Central Hotel

The Grand Central Hotel is the main artery for travelers of the high north, mainly those coming to or from the sister city of Steambolt. The hotel is also useful in days where Expo events, such as the Redstone Expo, are taking place up in the Northern regions beyond the mountains.

Rotherhythe's iconic blend of blackstone & copper comes into it's own on the glorious and dominant clock tower that defines the North side of the fortress. A beacon for the tourist, it is a clear marker that invites any visitors to go and explore what it has to offer.

The Grand Central standing upon the dam

It has direct access to the Central Station. Which has more information in Brasshelm Town, which is the constituency it belongs to.

The Dam

The Rotherhythe Keep Dam was constructed at the same time as the Copper Palace. It was designed to secure the cliff-face and allow for greater construction beyond the North of the World's Stage. First used on the Christmas Festival, it is now home to portions of the Grand Central Hotel.



Rotherhythe Keep, which predates greater Rotherhythe, Competed at the III UltraVanilla Olympic Games. This is the only constituency of the region to compete on it's own in a sporting event.

For the IV UltraVanilla Olympic Games, Rotherhythe Keep unified with Malus as one conjoined team.


Rotherhythe Keep hosts numerous sporting events throughout the year. Including the Annual Summer Showdown and Olympic events as well as being the first ever town to host both the opening and closing Ceremonies to an Olympic Games


Feel free to return to the central Rotherhythe page to find out more about our history!