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The second Olympic spinoff event, Duolympics is a 2 day event involving 10 games. The spin on the rules this time is that every player will be competing with a partner to complete games, with teamwork taking center stage.

The Overall Champions were the Cultists

These Olympics will followed a point system as follows: 1st place = 3pts. 2nd place = 2pts. 3rd place = 1pt. 4th+ = 0pts.


Results & Calendar

Cultists Icon.png Cultists (Eraxa and TheSecondLord) 1st 25pts
Kowcio and Crash 2nd 13pts
Beeper and Ender 3rd 12pts
Reno and Xo 4th 7pts
Byz and Lez / Byz and Bread 5th 1pt
Matt and Mills / Matt and lordpipe 6th 1pt
Event Location Date
Doubles Curling Alliance City Icon.png Alliance City 18 November 2023
Doubles Tennis Alliance City Icon.png Alliance City 18 November 2023
Connect 4 Solitude Icon.png Solitude 18 November 2023
Boat Archery Waterthorn Icon.PNG Waterthorn 18 November 2023
Trident PvP Cyprus Icon.png Cyprus 18 November 2023
Competitive Mining Steambolt Icon.png Steambolt 19 November 2023
Doubles Hockey Rotherhythe Icon.png Rotherhythe 19 November 2023
2v2 Kit PvP Rotherhythe Icon.png Rotherhythe 19 November 2023
Strider Relay Evergreen Icon.png Evergreen 19 November 2023
Slap off 4.20 Naval Detroit Icon.png Naval Detroit 19 November 2023


The Events of the Duolympics involved a collection of mostly rebranded or remodelled older games, with a couple new games included.

Day 1 - Doubles Curling - Alliance City

Returning from Olympics III Doubles curling is a spin on the original format. Retaining the goal of pushing 3 armour stands per team towards a target at the far end of the rink, this time players would take it in turns to swing using short and long range attacks.

Day 1 - Doubles Tennis - Alliance City

Returning from Olympics II and the All-Stars Doubles Tennis is a take on the iconic AC event that combines offense and defense. Two duos on each side of the net take it in turns to aim and shoot at the team on the other side. After their shots have been fired, it's their job to scramble and avoid the shots coming from the other side. Last team left standing wins.

Day 1 - Connect 4 - Solitude

Returning from Olympics I and the All-Stars Connect 4 is a traditional game about connecting 4 concrete powder blocks in a line on any axis. As is tradition with the Olympic games, Connect 4 took a sizeable chunk of time to complete, with a Chess clock being used to gauge time.

Day 1 - Boat Archery - Waterthorn

A new game, Boat archery is a game of teamwork, with one player driving a boat while the one behind shoots targets along the route. Players are tasked with shooting one specific colour of target around the course, which makes use of the waters of Waterthorn and the sewer system, as used in the Grand Prix. There is also a 5 point bonus to whichever team finishes the course first, adding an element of strategy in whether to pick off all the targets, or chase the bonus.

Day 1 - Trident PvP - Cyprus

Returning from Olympics IV Trident PvP is a PvP event organised in the Cyprus Arena, host to Olympic PvP since Olympics III. The game involves players having no armour, but substituted by the addition of a trident with riptide, allowing them to use the pools (or the rain) to fling themselves across the arena.

Day 2 - Competitive Mining - Steambolt

Returning from Olympics IV Competitive Mining is a game of collection. Players collect ores by mining anywhere around the competitive mining start location, and collecting different ores that equate to different scores. The time limit of 30 minutes applies pressure and limits the breadth of exploration, by the threat of having none of their points tallied if they fail to bring their ore back on time.

Day 2 - Doubles Hockey - Rotherhythe

Returning from Olympics II, III, IV and All-Stars This rendetition of Hockey takes the use of the Doubles format commonly used at Summer Showdown events in Rotherhythe. This format was first introduced to the Olympics here, and involves two players per side playing by the usual rules of pushing / pulling a puck by means of a fishing rod.

Day 2 - 2v2 Kit PvP - Rotherhythe

A new game, 2v2 Kit PvP is a game played in TheSecondLord's bonespire arena, and involves two duos taking on eachother using pre-selected kits as their equipment that specialise in different types of combat. The event bore witness to a 2v2v2 format as well in it's final match.

Day 2 - Strider Relay - Evergreen

Returning from Olympics III The traditional strider relay course was put back into use with players riding on striders around a lava course with fungus rods. These rods could be used to speed up their strider. After 3 laps, duo's did a changeover to swap to their teammate as the next rider, who completed 3 more laps for the finish.

Day 2 - Slap Off 4.20 - Naval Detroit

Returning from Olympics I, II, III and All-Stars Slap off made it's now traditional appearance as a "mystery game" at the end of the 2nd day. As per usual, players were tasked with killing everyone else and being the last one standing in an arena made up entirely of the remains from the previous session. There are talks of discontinuing this tradition.