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Founded, Built and managed by xo, Solitude is a solo project that first started as a Valhalla colony. It is currently near the spawn

Solitude Lore : Solitude first started around the 27th of april 2020 by xo as a Valhalla colony (historians can't find the exact date)

Solitude started with a nordic theme with a project of turning a savanna biome into a snowy one with a cool village.

in 2021 the world started lacking ressources. players then started immigrating towards newer lands, ( new update dropped and new spawn came around) xo decided to leave behind her island to build a bigger and better place for herself and her people (i live by myself) she then found an island close to spawn. she decided to restart exactly the same island she started... but then decided to change a few month later. a new start meaning a new approach for solitude. Solitude went through a few small breaks but started again strongly early 2023 when xo started changing a lot of builds, making solitude harder, better, faster and stronger.

Solitude (the island) became a Terni vassal state the 20th of april 2023, the rest of the settlements is free from terni