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What started out as merely a flicker in Nicserso's eye during a routine talk with Mr_Byzantine while hanging around in Evergreen, Steambolt is the brainchild of Nicserso and is in active construction with assistance from 12Magner05 and Mr_Byzantine as of February 17th 2023. Growth is foreseen to continue as the going is slow yet steady.

Steambolt is located about 6km to the north-northeast of Rotherhythe, which is itself roughly 5km north of Outpost. The town itself has a steampunk theme, hence the name Steambolt. As such, the architecture has a heavy emphasis on copper.


  • Farming District

The Farming district is an area Northwest of Steambolt. It is what it’s called and has most of the farming essentials including Wheat, Carrots, Potatoes, Cactus and etc. The Farming District is currently still a work in progress

  • Main Town

Main town is a temporary name for now but it is essentially what Steambolt is now. All the houses are inside the Main town which is where Nicserso, 12Magner05, Mr_Byzantine, Lez and Pazin_Gaming live. It will feature the soon to come Town hall and the soon to come Nether Portal Entrance area. The Main town will also feature the Observatory, the Bakery and Brewery and many more soon to come.

  • Villager Lane

Villager Lane is also a Work in Progress. Villager Lane is located directly west of town and will feature villager apartments for different villagers. As of Right now, a couple of buildings reside there such as the Villager Breeder, Villager Trading Hall(Temporary) and a temporary Pumpkin farm.

  • Section 2

Section 2(Temporary name) is the name of a big chunk of land across the river that is being cultivated. A Bridge is being constructed to bring access to this chunk of land. Roadwork has begun on this island and has brought access to AdmiralSmokes House and many plots of land.


January 2023

January 29th: The Search begins for a perfect spot

January 30th: Steambolt is born, Byzantine Joins, 12Magner05 Joins, Terraforming, Planning, 12Magner05 Begins building the very first house, Magner comes up with Steambolt and the name sticks.

January 31st: Magner finishes his home becoming the first householder, Terraforming, Planning

February 2023

February 1st: Nicserso starts building the Farming District, Byzantine starts Terraforming, Magner starts construction of [Clara]

February 2nd: Magner builds the Idea Board, Magner builds the Basalt farm, Magner builds Residential homes.

February 3rd: Planning

February 4th: Planning, Nicserso Builds the Farms, Byzantine and Magner terraform the areas, Nicserso begins building The Observatory and his Home, Magner builds the walkways

February 5th: [Clara] Is Updated

February 6th: Magner Builds more Residential homes.

February 7th: Farming District is updated, [Clara] is updated.

February 8th: Farming District is complete, Lez_ makes a donation, Magner builds a wool farm, Nicserso’s Farming Storage house is being built.

February 9th: Discord Channel is made, Pumpkin farm is built.

February 10th: Farm Storage House is finished, Nicserso Builds a Villager Breeder, Nicserso builds a residential home, Steambolt is invited to join USUV

February 11th: Villager Hall starts construction, Lez_ becomes our first Resident and build a home, PazinGaming becomes a Resident and begins his home, Byzantine prepares the Bakery, Byzantine and Minemaster0012 Build the Storage area of Steambolt, Steambolt joins USUV

February 12th: Amethyst Lounge is built, Lez_ builds the Brewery

February 13th: Raspberry_Sodas becomes our Neighbor

February 14th: Magner builds secret treasure room(Shh, Secret), Magner builds dodgeball court, Magner destroys dodgeball court

February 17th: Wiki is made by Byzantine, Magner builds Basalt Farm/Mini-game, Byzantine connects the Penninsula.

February 19th: Byzantine begins the Historical district

February 22nd: Byz and Lez start and finish the map of Steambolt!, Byz builds Residential homes, Nicserso Builds the war room

February 23rd: The Altar appears (???)

February 24th: First Abba Game, Roadwork, Housework, New Section has been linked

February 25th: Bridge Built to new section, Smoke Joins Steambolt, more roadwork

February 27th: Mahoose Joins Steambolt, Han Joins Steambolt, Beeper Joins Steambolt

March 2023

March 1st: Lez builds a Stable for the horsies, Man’s_44 joins Steambolt

March 2nd: Nicserso’s House starts construction, [Clara] has an Update, Mans_44 Starts construction of the farmhouse, Bridge Overhaul, Mattesco joins Steambolt, Rotherhythe embassy begins.

March 3rd: Storage Rearrangements, Terraforming, House Construction, More Planning, Cult of [Clara] appears.

March 6th: Observatory is finished, Farmhouse is finished

March 8th: Farming District Greenhouse begins construction

March 10th: Jack joins Steambolt, Steambolt and Rotherhythe Railroad begins planning

March 11th: Gold Farm Preparation

March 12th: Gold Farm Completed

Late Spring & Early Summer 2023

Throughout the second quarter of 2023, both Nicserso and 12Magner05 dropped off the face of the server due to scholarly studies becoming more intense. This period has seen Mr_Byzantine construct the Town Hall, OPC and USUV meeting halls, the storage transitional area being renovated into a proper room, and horse stables being rennovated. While the Redstone Expo railway is still in planning phases, the Outpost Towns Horse Road has seen signifigant progress, currently terminating 2/3rds of the way to Rotherhythe. Current and future plans for the town include a North Historic District, the Expo rail station, proper farm developments, waterfront renewal, church construction, a water port for trade, and a marina for pleasure boating. More ideas are bound to be thought up, while the ongoing labor shortage makes progress challenging.