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Welcome to the home page for Rotherhythe: Summer Showdown events!


Summer Showdown is an annual event located at Rotherhythe Keep in which UltraVanilla players are invited to compete in numerous games. Initially hosted as just ice hockey, but now branching to more events.

This event is the counterpart to the Rotherhythe Christmas festival.

Mattesco and TheSecondLord play as hosts to the event.

Rules of the games

A Tutorial video for ice hockey is posted on Mattesco's YouTube channel.

Ice Hockey

Ice Jousting

Summer Showdown events:

Ice Hockey: Summer Showdown 2022

Ice Hockey Sign up post 2022

The inaugural event took place at Rotherhythe Keep's Talla Olimpigaech arena (Which previously hosted Ice Hockey at the Third UltraVanilla Olympic Games on April 16th 2022.) on July 30th 2022.

This event debuted Ice Hockey as its own event.


Announced on April 20th 2022. The 2022 Summer Showdown was the first non-Olympic Ice Hockey event hosted in Rotherhythe Keep. This was boosted by the interest in introducing a mode for multiple players, seeing the introduction of doubles (later retitled to Duos)

Sign ups opened on July 7th 2022 at Spawn at the pier used for Olympic sign ups.

A starting total of 13 competitors and an additional 4 arrived and competed in both Solos and Doubles respectively.


A Trailer for the Summer showdown was released on July 26th, 4 days ahead of the competition.

A Tutorial video was released the next day.


Singles Results board 30/07/2022 (19:17 UTC)
Competitor Placement Round Eliminated
Huwulling 1st Winner (1st Place Final)
Crowman1 2nd 1st Place Final
Soplight 3rd Winner (3rd Place Final)
lordpipe 4th 3rd Place Final
Mr_Byzantine 5th Semi-Final
Snowflow 5th Semi-Final
12Magner05 5th Semi-Final
MrKrabOnCoke 5th Semi-Final
SyntheticSurgeon 6th Round 1
Mafikiwi 6th Round 1
Merv 6th Round 1
EcksD 6th Round 1
Svenskahugo 6th Round 1
Doubles Results board 30/07/2022 (20:06 UTC)
Competitors Placement Round Eliminated
UCP_TheKingK & Mattesco 1st Winner (1st Place Final)
Mr_Byzantine & Snowflow 2nd 1st Place Final
Sop & Merv 3rd Winner (3rd Place Final)
SyntheticSurgeon & MrKrabOnCoke / Archoose 4th 3rd Place Final
Crowman1 & Huwulling 5th Round 1
EcksD & Mafikiwi 5th Round 1
12Magner05 & Smashic 5th Round 1
ℓordpipe & Svenskahugo 5th Round 1

Summer Showdown 2023

The Second event in the series, The 2023 Summer Showdown marked the biggest step in differentiating both Ice Hockey, and the newly included Jousting, from their Olympic Variants by introducing more new gamemodes for both sports.

A trailer was launched on July 28th 2023

The promotional image of the Summer Showdown, showcasing the prizes of the event


The event was confirmed very early on in 2023, and was planned to create a leap forward in how to develop the Ice Hockey sport into its own event beyond the scope of the year prior.


This year debuted the weekend format, consisting of games over both the Saturday and Sunday evenings (according to UTC). This accomodates a larger variety of events, with this year now splitting the entire weekend into two segments - Duos for the Saturday and Solos for the Sunday. This helped ensure all events would be played by both with minimal fatigue. The games included:

  • Ice Hockey [Solo and Duo]
  • Ice Jousting [Solo and (Debuting) Duo]
  • Chaos [Ice Jousting for Solo, Hockey for duo]

Chaos mode

The chaos modes were introduced with this variation and act as a way of developing both classic games into newer, wackier variants. With Ice Jousting's duo mode already being brand new, it received a chaos mode based around solo play, seeing 4 players tackle eachother free for all on a track fitted with cacti at either end to bolster the danger.

Ice Hockey received a duo variant, seeing as its duos mode debuted to a success at the previous years event. This sees players wielding wooden swords enchanted with knockback, allowing for more strategy to be divised between teammates and encouraging them to split up.


The current results are undetermined as this event is ongoing.

Christmas Festival events:

Birthday Bash 2022

The major event to celebrate Rotherhythes first anniversary, this competition saw a grand prize of becoming the years Ice Hockey champion.


Two games were played between two separate dates. A drunk tourney took place following the Christmas Feast (December 22 2022) and a standard Ice Hockey tournament on the date of the Birthday (December 24 2022)

  • Drunk Solo Hockey (Debut)
  • Ice Hockey Solos