Brasshelm Town

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Brasshelm town is the 4th subdivision of Rotherhythe, being located directly outside of the gates to Rotherhythe Keep. The town is home to the permanent location of the Rotherhythe market, as well as being the main public housing centre of the region.


Upon the completion of Western Rotherhythe Keep, the need to secure a future for the settlement was realized. The most important necessity was a way to connect the Central Courtyard with the wider world, to help connect it to the smaller settlements that would soon spring up around it. This culminated in the creation of a hub area outside of the Copper Castle, which allows for the efficient transition of flow between the bustling heart of the region, and the more spaced out world that lay beyond.

Central Brasshelm

Despite it's small size, there are a few builds that fill up the town.


The Perfectly Pink Personality Cafe in Brasshelm Town

The marketplace is the new permanent site for shopping in Rotherhythe, established once The Christmas Festival had come to a close, it is currently propping up it's first stores in the wake of the Harvest Market, including:

  • Reno & Bliss' PPP Cafe
  • Voyage: Seasons
  • Patch's Pumpkin Stall

Copper Castle

The Copper Castle, while a build that serves Rotherhythe Keep, is also the bridge between it and Brasshelm town with the Outpost Community hall built inside of the centre, and accessed from the Brasshelm side.

This side of the castle houses the embassies of:

  • Solitude Icon.png Solitude
  • Terni Icon.png Terni
  • Unclaimed site
  • Unclaimed site

North Brasshelm

The Northern edges of Brasshelm Town are home to most of it's growth.

Rotherhythe Central Station

The interior of the Central station shed.

As the main transportation hub for Rotherhythe, Rotherhythe Central Station rests just a short walk from the Copper Palace EGRK Station, and has it's own EGRK platforms.. The station acts as the states key access route to it's close neighbour, Steambolt, aswell as having access to the future Redstone Expo.

The hotel next door, the Grand Central, can be accessed from inside the station, offering a stay on site for any travel.

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