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Aquileia is a small hamlet located to the southeast of Outpost, about 2km west of Tegridy. Founded by the duo of Wicked Bird and _U_Mos, Aquileia was named for a small Italian village near their border with Slovenia. The town itself has a mixture of themes, with Old Town being in a Spanish revival style of US Southwestern architecture. The southern reaches of town are more or less standard Minecraft wooden style, while the larger public buildings aim to achieve a functional brutalist aesthetic. The town can be accessed by either an overworld system of waterways (seas, rivers, and multiple tiny canals) or the Eastern branch of the Outpost Nether Highway, whose turn is at marker 09 and shares most of the branch with the old public end portal access route.

On October 7th, 2023, Aquileia formally reformed as a Duchy under Duke WickedBird