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Totemia is a nation consisting of smaller areas, currently there is one town, one village, and various small establishments scattered across UltraVanilla.

The mayors of the city are TheKingK_ and Smashic.


Totemia usually only participates in events. However, sometimes games for events are built.

Ice Hockey

Totemia is known to dominate Rotherhythe's Ice Hockey Games, especially the player TheKingK, who has not lost a single game so far.

Summer Showdown - Doubles Champions (along with Mattesco)

Olympic All-Stars - Singles Champion

The Drunk Pro Tourney - Champion

Olympics IV - Solo Champion

UV Olympics

Olympics III (competed under Cara Nova) - 1 Silver Medal, 1 Bronze Medal

Startline of Riptide Rush

Olympics IV - 2 Gold Medals, 2 Silver Medals, 1 Bronze Medal

Hosting Events/Games

Hosted Bedwars Event on 20/11/2022 - Winners = Mattesco, Huwulling, EcksD, TheSecondLord

The event was described as chaotic but fun.

Hosted the game "Riptide Rush" for Olympics IV.

Notable Players

  • TheKingK_
  • Smashic
  • Huwulling
  • Prizm_
  • CattSoup
  • Crowman1