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The Emblem of the Rotherhythe World Museum

The Rotherhythe World Museum has been Rotherhythe's main museum since 2024, and has succeeded it's former counterpart, which served from August 2022 until the new builds opening on January 27th 2024.


For a museum about history, it does have a fair share of its own.


The Museum was conceptualised back in April 2022 during the opening of Rotherhythe's storage. While transferring items from the old base into the new location, it was found that there were many more interesting artefacts worth keeping than expected, and therefore a potential museum could be created out of them.

The old Voyager exhibition at the former museum location

Rotherhythe Library Location

From August 2022 until March 2023, the museum occupied a small portion of the top floor of the Library building, while the other space was home to a small radio and studio facility.

This location featured 2 sections, Rotherhythe History and TheSecondLord's collection.

Renovation A: January 2023

The renovation in January 2023 saw the addition of the Voyager Exhibition in place of the planned map art and books section, featuring items from the Voyager run and a small book about the journey. Nicola Sturgeon IV had a small location within it as well.

Renovation B: April 2023

A larger overhaul to the upstairs space saw this being the final variation of this museum, opened just before Rotherhythe's hosting of the UV Olympic games in April 2023. This version saw a major overhaul to all of the spaces inside, and saw it redesignated to the Rotherhythe World Museum.

This museum was broken up into segments, those being Books, Voyager, Lore, TheSecondLord, Malus, Mattesco, Rotherhythe and Brewing.

The Museum welcomed new items, in the form of 4 new lore prize heads and winds original Voyager horse, Voyager 6.


The new building began design development in September 2023, and was due to be the final build under Mattesco's leadership, with a completion date of January 2024.

The new building had to meet the new spec of the additional 100 items that would be joining the collection as well as acting as a grand finale to Rotherhythe's central zone

The Museum Building

The museum building itself was completed in January 2024 and is dug into the site of a mountain ledge, near Roths local pillager outpost. The Museum building was designated for construction in November 2023 and began dredging in early January 2024.

The Garden

The Town banner 'wedges' of the Museum Garden

The Garden, adjacent to entrance #1 or the "West Hall", is a green space directly south of the central dome of Rotherhythe. The Garden commemorates 8 towns who helped fund the museum build, all of whom's banners are located in wedges surrounding a central statue of Mattesco informally known as "Mechtesco" which stands upon a Rotherhythe banner.

The towns commemorated are:


The Mechtesco Statue

The Mechtesco statue in the centre is given this name because of the controls inside the head. The Statue was a joint effort between TheSecondLord and Milltesco,

The indoor space of the head can be accessed via a lever on the head of the statue, which opens up a trapdoor.

The statue's eyes have a direct view over central Rotherhythe and the seasonal dome area.


The Horse exhibit from the Hall of Voyagers is accessible from the outside inside one of the Southgate towers.

Central Hall - Orbital Dome

The Orbital Dome Hall, known for its hand, is the focal point of the entire museum, being the main point of access to the other halls in the plus configuration.


Exhibits in the Central Hall are all dedicated to the lore of Rotherhythe

The Two Hands of Rotherhythe, The Museum (Left) and the Below (Right)

The Hand

The Hand is a copper-coated hand sculpture, modelled on the hand of Mattesco himself. The hand is seen reaching into the sky, which the dome grants viewing access to. Weirdly, the hand is a identical to the one found in the labyrinth, which reaches down, holding the ancient city portal at the heart of the maze.


While the Copper hand reaches from the ground to the skies above, the other reaches from the ground to the pit below. Ancient objects, relics and tales speak of what these two hands could potentially mean....

Objects from 'Below'

Some objects from the site of the Labyrinth, locally known as "the below" are placed around the hand. These objects are heard of in legend and mystery over the ages.


Orbital Dome

The Orbital dome is the giant glass dome that is the main landmark of the museum. As Rotherhythe's 2nd tallest structure, behind only the Clock tower of the grand station, and is only a couple blocks taller than the museum in Coppergate Valley.


The dome was designed to be a central meeting point. It was originally to be the replacement to Rotherhythe's Tourist hub, until the original Tourist hub lost purpose at the closure of Rotherhythe's USUV Membership.

North Hall - Rotherhythe Exhibition

The North Hall is divided into 3 sections representing different aspects of Rotherhythe, and is the home section of the entire museum.

Museum Shop

The Shields of the Classic and Ancient Rotherhythe Kingdoms

The Museum shop is the museum's main charity source, where 4 unique shields and 12 unique outfits can be purchased, with all funds going towards the upkeep and development of the area.


The Outfits are designed in 6 sets, all with 2 variants:

Towncriers outfit, Soldiers outfit, Guards outfit, Ceremonial outfit, Commanders outfit and Guardian Outfit. All of which have "Down Below" variants.


The Four shields on sale represent the classic and ancient central kingdoms and their largest residential zone.

Lore Hall

The Giant Lore ticket motife in the Lore Hall

The Lore Hall is UltraVanilla's largest public collection of Lore Items, hosting 25+ lore items


The design of the lore hall represents the nature of lore items. The Command blocks reference the nature of how lore tickets and items are acquired, with the quartz motifes reflecting the holy nature of them as unclaimable gifts of non-vanilla nature.

West Hall - Voyager

The West Hall houses all exhibits surrounding the Voyager role, journey and its current owner, Mattesco.

Voyager Hall

The Voyager Hall is dedicated to the Three Voyager Journeys: I, II and Final

The Eurostar E320 model on display in the Voyager Hall

Voyager I Items and Exhibits

Voyager I, the original journey conducted by wind, has a few items left over in this musuem, including their original horse armour, a helmet, and their horse.

Voyager II Items and Exhibits

Voyager II, the second completion attempt at the challenge, has many items left behind from the run

Voyager II armour set

The original armour set worn at the very end of the run is on display

Cyprus Voyager II Sets

Cyprus produced 5 special edition sets, all 5 of which are in Rotherhythe, with 4 on display in the cabinets including the one of a kind original without an elytra.

Gifts of Voyager

The Gifts of Voyager wall displays 9 gifts given over the course of the run of Voyager II, presented by different players, in addition to an Aquileia drink, the only gift of the Final Voyage.


The three Voyager horses, including:

  • Voyager 6 - Voyager I
  • Nicola Sturgeon IV - Voyager II
  • Grape - Final Voyage

all of whom have lore tags, are on display in their own pen in the far north west of the Voyager Hall. All of which are the original horses with their own lore names, two of which in the Voyager role colours, and Grape who has a purple lore tag.

The OPC logo motife on the roof above the Voyager hall

Eurostar E320

As a special exhibit, and a homage to Mattesco's working career at engineering for the Eurostar company during the time spend on UV, a special E320 train type [2] was built as a display piece


The Voyager Hall is designed to feature a map on the floor, with the motife of it being a playermap, as viewed by the unloaded blank chunks around the loaded map areas.

The roof features an Outpost shape above the actual outpost area on the map, with stars included to turn it into the emblem of the OPC, one of Mattesco's creations.

Mattesco Room

The room on the far West of the Museum wing is dedicated to Mattesco and items of his own, as part of his project to establish a permanent collection in his absence, with nothing being taken down with him at the end of his run of time on UltraVanilla.

The Voyage outfits on display


The hall features 3 types of exhibits


The hall features a display of all 22 outfits to ever be released at the nearby Voyage: Seasons store


The gifts section features many shulker boxes, books and other unique gifts given to Mattesco by individual players, these being put on display as a token of gratitude


To prevent any of the inventory being condemned to a player account, Mattesco cleared out his ender chest and personal possessions, putting his signature armour, tools and weaponry on proud display in the hall, alongside his Prince crown, which served as his main crown from March 2022 all the way to January 2024, being modified only to add the trim seen later on Mills and Hanary's crowns.


While not overly designed, there are a few things to note, including the giant gear on the back wall, the big eurostar emblem in the floor, and the copper pillars resembling those of the original wings built by Mattesco that hold up the outfits platform.

East Hall - TheSecondLord

The Floor pattern in the east hall before snow features were added

The East Hall is dedicated to items owned by TheSecondLord, including objects from his older location. This hall also acts as an extra entrance to the museum


The exhibits of TheSecondLords hall include mostly weaponry and display items, including that of his display cabinet that prominently featured in his private room throughout most of Rotherhythe's existence. Additional items include those owned by Cruncy, and his classic throne from his older location.


The Hall is designed with heavy emphasis of snow and ice, following inspiration from his old base's large ice caves as well as his self proclaimed title of "The Frost Lord" and "Lords Frost Crown" a lore crown also on display in the East Hall

The East Hall has its own entrance access to Rotherhythe Keeps Hall of Champions in Arts

South Hall - 416 History

The South hall, being the only hall entitled to "evolve" is the 416 History hall. This hall is designed to host items and objects not affiliated with Rotherhythe, with some being owned by Rotherhythes founders, and the gallery being open to temporarily house items from other players.

The 416 Floor design


Exhibits include many different artefacts from UV History, however some major ones include:

  • Joe head
  • Akoot head (secret until display in January 2024)
  • Spaghettatron head (secret until display in January 2024)
  • MattieHD's lore sword
  • Map arts
  • other collectibles


The Room takes on a simple approach, with quartz fixtures, blackstone columns, and a grand "416" in the centre.

The hall is one of two that are yet to evolve and develop with time.

Opening Hours, Terms and Rules

The Museum comes with its own conditions for visits and item uses.

Opening times

The Museum is open 24/7, irrespective of when you arrive or actively play.

Some halls may be closed temporarily while items are moved around and added, but this will never usually take long

The Museum shop stays open 24/7 irrespective of any maintenance conditions

Terms of Item dispatch

The museum accepts items to be temporarily displayed within its 416 Hall for however long an items owner wants to display them, you can request this service by messaging an active owner of Rotherhythe


All items displayed within the museums halls prior to or on January 27th 2024 can not be removed from the museum, regardless of any deals made with Rotherhythe's owners. All express permission to temporarily or permanently move these must pass through Mattesco in some form first. All of these items are under their direct command.

Regardless of if you can, or cant, contact them at the time of a transaction or removal, you MUST gain permission before any moving operations anyway.