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Information and Introduction

Voyager is a custom role first conceptualised on July 18th 2021, It involves walking between Old Spawn and New Spawn via Outpost with no provisions except for food. This challenge has been officially completed twice, once by thewindmillman on May 2nd 2022 and Mattesco on January 27th 2023.

Current status: Claimed


  • Walk from old spawn/new spawn to the other and visit outpost on the way
  • No elytra permitted
  • Start with nothing but 1 shulker of food + compass for navigation
  • Shulker used for food can only be used for food
  • If nether is entered you have to exit with the same portal
  • No help from players or player shops/chests
  • You can set homes for checkpoints but no tping and resupplying

No items except for starting food are allowed


Voyager strategies have varied throughout both attempts, but the most common strategy involves horses.

  • Horses are considered the most effective means of travel for Voyager, with boat travel and a lead substituting them on water.
  • It is considered essential to obtain a lead and saddle as fast as possible
  • Hay Bales were identified as the most reliable food source, being able to feed both player via being converted into bread and horse with one inventory slot.

Voyager I - ~August 2021 - May 2022

Voyager I was the first completed attempt at obtaining the Voyager role, completed on May 2nd 2022 by thewindmillman

Old spawn as thewindmillman arrived on May 2nd 2022


  • This attempt involved travelling from Spawn to Old Spawn. Taking just over 2 weeks to get from Outpost after months of breaks.
  • Not much info is traceable about this run in terms of time and experience


On December 11th 2022, thewindmillman elected to give up the in-game title of Voyager to the next player who would complete it.

Following this, numerous players would embark upon attempts to claim the role, which for the next 4 days would result in upwards of 5 players going for the role simultaneously. All but one would end up quitting.

On January 27th 2023, with Mattesco completing the challenge, the in-game role was transferred.


Wind's horses generally followed a format of being named "Voyager" followed by 1 thru 6. With 6 being the final horse.

Voyager II - December 2022 - January 2023

Voyager II was the second completed attempt for the Voyager role, Accomplished on January 27th 2023 by Mattesco

Photo taken at the finish line of Voyager II


  • This attempt took 6 weeks from December 11th to January 27th
  • This was the first attempt in reverse from Old Spawn to Spawn via Outpost
  • A log was kept in the projects and events channel dubbed "Voyager II"
  • The run was originally named "Ridin' home for christmas"
  • An on-land shipwreck was found and renovated during the Voyager trip as a submission for the Spring Cleaning Build Competition, staying within the rules of the challenge during construction.


Horses on the Voyager II trip were given random names from a consistent pool.


Humphresco, Humphrasda, Nicola Sturgeon, Nicola Sturgeon II, Go Matt Go!!, Go Matt Go II!!, Nicola Sturgeon III, Luseis, Huwu


Humphrey, Nicola Sturgeon IV "The Flying Scots(wo)man"


  • The most common horse death was server issues that resulted in horses being "voided"
  • Powdered snow claimed the most hit points on Voyager Horses
  • Nicola Sturgeon IV was the horse that covered the farthest distance and survived the longest.

Voyager II Bell tour

As part of the discovery element to Matt's world tour, Voyager II involved a series of 30 Bells and special signs being placed across the towns en route, aswell as other landmarks, as a gift to the community and town owners to celebrate the occassion.

These bells were all found en route and are all originals from the gap between Old Spawn and Outpost, making them one of a kind.

Bell locations (Names are linked to the Dynmap location of the Bell)

Special bells

Town Bells



Artefacts and History

The history of these runs is kept and documented in multiple capacities. Mostly through the written stories of the Voyagers and museum displays in Rotherhythe

Original items

Voyager I

Wind kept their Compass and horse used on the Voyager I run. These are now on display in the Rotherhythe World Museum alongside Voyager II items

Voyager II

The Voyager exhibition in Rotherhythe contains many original items used on the Voyager II run, aswell as gifts from other players



The Voyager II Monument at Spawn

The final bell at spawn rests under a sculpture named "3 Hubs" and is designed after the shape of the route itself to a smaller scale, with the iron, gold, and diamond blocks representing old spawn, outpost, and spawn respectively. This monument also has books naming the horses and players that participated along the way

Old Spawn

The Voyager I monument at Old Spawn is named "The arch" and is designed in a similar vane to the 3 hubs sculpture in Spawn. This monument was opened on May 2nd 2023, exactly one year after Wind crossed the finish line for Voyager I

Bell Monuments

This section is incomplete and will replace the above list soon

Voyager Bell Monuments
Location Name Image Bell date Bell quote
500,000 blocks covered 'Tree on a million' N/A December 12 2022 "aided by a horse named deez nuts"
1,000,000 blocks covered 'The IRS HQ' N/A January 7 2023 "Taxation in a distant land"
The Voyager - Restoration Ship 'A unique shipwreck' N/A January 22 2023 "If this wins, I'll be damned"
Tegridy Icon.png Tegridy Tegridy Town Fountain N/A January 24 2023 "In memory of the Mattle of Tegridy"
Pearlsville Icon.png Krill Lanka 'Town Centre' N/A January 24 2023 "Remembering Huwu"
Malus Icon.png Malus 'The horse memorial' N/A January 24 2023 N/A
Illyria Icon.png La Cueva 'Temple of the Emerald' N/A January 24 2023 N/A
Pelura tau Theou Icon.png Pelura Tau Theou 'Bell Shrine' N/A January 25 2023 N/A
Eden Icon.png Eden 'Mattreesco' N/A January 25 2023 N/A
Evergreen Icon.png Evergreen 'Evergreen Arch' N/A January 25 2023 N/A
Rotherhythe Icon.png Rotherhythe Keep 'Rotherhythe Gateway' N/A January 25 2023 "Home sweet home at long last"
Rotherhythe Icon.png Voyager Exhibition 'The Hall of Voyagers' N/A January 25 2023 "For the pursuit of history and memory"
Iadorna Icon.png Iadorna 'Iadorna Bell Tower' N/A January 25 2023 N/A
Malbork Icon.png Malbork 'Voyager Bench' N/A January 27 2023 N/A
Totemia Icon.png Totemia 'Olympic green' N/A January 27 2023 N/A
Spawn '3 hubs' N/A January 27 2023 "The end"

The Voyager

The Voyager was a shipwreck found on land during the Voyager II run, and was restored within the rules of the challenge for the "Spring Cleaning" Build competition.

This submission ended up winning the competition.

"The Voyager" as it stands with restoration