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Timed Roles

  • Guest: Nothing
  • Member: You've played for more than 5 seconds without getting banned, congratulations!
  • Loyalist: 10 days later and you're still coming online (nice)
  • Pro: One month later... Still coming on... (epic)
  • Master: You have been playing here for 3 months, this is kind of amazing...
  • Elder: 6 months, this must be the one server...
  • Grandmaster: 1 year... Happy UV day!
  • Sage: 1 year 6 months
  • Mythic: 2 years
  • Eternal: 3 years
  • Ascendant: 4 years

Staff Roles



  • Enderxz3
  • Hanaryheatwave
  • Lez_
  • manatee

Discord Mod:

Inactive Staff:

Retired Staff:

  • 321Nova [HeadAdmin]
  • MattieHD [Admin]
  • Blu3beast [Admin]
  • GreenPlauge [Admin]
  • AdvertisingMercinary [Discord Mod]
  • TechnoNinja64 [Intern]
  • PortlyPete [Intern]
  • Fred [Intern]
  • Onennon [Intern]
  • Hellsponge [Moderator]
  • Di_infiri [Admin]
  • Karmaa_ [Admin]
  • RarrqBear [Moderator]
  • EcksD [Moderator]
  • Miopasid [Discord Mod]
  • awbk3rbal [Owner]
  • Scathra [Intern]
  • TheShyPig [HeadAdmin]
  • Kekhon/Mokono [Owner]
  • AdmiralSmoke [Moderator]
  • Eraxa [Moderator]
  • joethahobo [Moderator]
  • Noam464 [Moderator]
  • Blackberry1310 [Admin]
  • Shogunite [Admin]
  • Akoot_ [Owner]
  • 500am [Moderator]
  • Skylord_Luke [Moderator]
  • ImpavidArcher [Moderator]
  • Spacewardharpy7 [Moderator]
  • Arceus1975 [Moderator]
  • SammiWolfGirl [Moderator]
  • YungMaki [Moderator]
  • Beeperbeeper5 [Moderator]

Custom Roles

  • Founder: awbk3rbal. Create a Minecraft server January 3rd 2019 and call it UltraVanilla & maybe post it idk.
  • Friend: Techno.
  • President: Alternate rank used by Techno exclusively.
  • Champion: Win the Terni Tournament. Currently held by Frozil.
  • Moose: Mahoose (won the lottery).
  • Imperator: Shogunite is the Imperator.
  • Emperor: Alternate rank used by Shogunite exclusively.
  • Custömer: Used by Akoot.
  • King: Icverza (won by a random selection by Akoot).
  • Waterboi: Ezekson (won the lottery).
  • Excavator: Given to Joethahobo for mining 3,000,000 stone.†
  • Cultist: Given to Eraxa for getting every achievement first.
  • Comrade: Given to Legendosh for promoting communism for years.
  • Madman: Given to Pazin for obtaining a full netherite beacon. Originally owned by EcksD.†
  • Dreamer: Given to YungMaki for completing 50 full map arts.†
  • Timelord: Given to Spacewardharpy7 for being the first player to achieve 365 days of playtime.†
  • Voyager: Given to Mattesco for travelling from Old Spawn to Spawn (or vice versa) via Outpost without using the nether, an elytra or spectator mode, and starting their journey with only food. Originally owned by thewindmillman.†
  • Collector: Given to ECstardust for being the first player to obtain all possible mob heads. All mob heads were gained by killing mobs with a charged creeper, not via trading or purchasing from other players.†
  • Devotee: Given to Beeper on his UV day for logging on the server every day for 365 Consecutive days†

Can be claimed on Discord

Criteria for Custom Roles


Custom/personal roles are individual roles that only be obtained by one player at a time in game. Some older roles are based on winning raffles or lotteries and given out at random, but today custom roles can only be obtained by completing extremely difficult challenges, with the first player to complete this challenge being awarded the role. What constitutes a fair challenge is up to staff discretion, and custom roles are meant to be very rare.


Players who complete the challenge but are not the first to do so many be awarded a version of the role on Discord, but not in game (see list of eligible roles above). Players may also, if they wish, relinquish the role in order to have it up for grabs by the next player to complete the challenge in game. A maximum of five custom roles may be available at any one time. Players must declare when they begin an attempt for a custom role in the "Custom Roles" thread on Discord.

Currently Available Custom Roles

  • Astronaut: Awarded to the first player to reach Y-level 10,000,000 or higher while remaining in survival mode during the ascent by any means (e.g., fireworks).
  • Dentist: Awarded to the first player who builds 1,000 giant tooth statues of at least 10 x 10 x 15 (L x W x H) in size. The teeth must be built by one player alone.
  • Sandman: Awarded to the first player to mine 7,000,000 blocks of sand.

Possible future custom roles

These roles have been recommended for future implementation, they may or may not potentially be implemented.

  • A role for slaying the games major mobs (ender dragon, elder guardian etc.) at large quantities has been suggested as a new custom role.
  • Dripped: A role for collecting every netherite armour trim of all colours in all styles

Miscellaneous Roles

The following ranks don't fit into the other categories. Some of these are simply remnants in the console code, with their exact purpose unknown.

  • Veteran: Survive 1.14 lag and server migration or be ex-staff
  • Donator: Donated to the server! ($1 minimum)
  • Bot: Bot.
  • Bride: Used during the wedding of Mattesco and Mills
  • Prisoner: Removes all rank permissions, uncommonly used as a joke/light punishment.
  • Cringe: Similar to prisoner.
  • Veteran2
  • God-Emperor: Title suggested by Akoot_ for Shogunite before he decided on Imperator/Emperor.
  • Kronos
  • Priest: Role used during the wedding of mokono_ and Akoot_
  • Vicar: Used during the wedding of Mattesco and Mills
  • Impostor: sus
  • Questionable
  • Cringelips: Likely a joke among admins.
  • :Crab: Likely a joke among admins.
  • Qdmin: "can i have admin?"
  • Operator: Later renamed to Headadmin.
  • Jerry
  • Groom: Role used during the wedding of mokono_ and Akoot_ & the wedding of Mattesco and Mills
  • Custom