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Information and Introduction

Madman is a role involving collecting 164 blocks of netherite used to create a complete beacon. The role was originally given to EcksD who would later pass it on. On May 25th 2023, Pazin claimed the role after completing the task.

Current status: Claimed


  • Must obtain 164 blocks of Netherite
  • Netherite must be obtained individually/without buying netherite from others
  • Materials to obtain Netherite, e.g. sand, gunpowder, TNT, can be bought


Use of TNT and traditional netherite mining strategies boost the efficiency of gaining the materials needed for the beacon.

Madman I - December 2021

Ecks completed Madman on December 13th 2021. Ecks would be the first player to complete this challenge. In early 2022, Ecks offered to pass on the role to whoever completes it next.


The original beacon and blocks are currently being displayed in Cyprus.

Madman II - May 2023

Pazin would complete the challenge as well on May 25th 2023. Many players had taken up the challenge since Ecks, however Pazin would be the one to complete it


The original Beacon, blocks and items used to obtain them are due to be displayed in Malus at a special monument location.