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UltraVanilla is funded by the community, and accepts support to keep up with hosting costs. To incentivize this, we provide a small set of cosmetic benefits that do not affect gameplay and stay close to vanilla.

Please do not ask for gameplay-altering purchases to be added — we are against all forms of 'pay-to-win' practices.


Contact: (this contact goes to pintsizedrogue and lordpipe)

Disclaimer: You must be above the digital age of consent in your country to support UltraVanilla financially. This is not an official Minecraft product, and is not directly approved by or associated with Mojang or Microsoft. Usage of these features is subject to following our server rules, following the Minecraft Community Standards (which we consider to be part of our rules), and being in good standing in our community. This means that any disputes or issues should be resolved by contacting the email address above, and not Mojang.

Options for supporting UltraVanilla

Option 1: Purchase the [D] rank

Include your username in the Paypal message!

Price: $1 USD


  • [D] ("Donator") rank visible ingame and on Discord (May opt out of having a visible [D] symbol)
  • /nick command - set a custom nickname
  • /hat command - put items on your head

Note: We don't have a custom server resource pack, so any customization to hats beyond the vanilla item appearance must be done manually using resource packs. You may use this wiki to share your customized hat resource packs with other players, but we do not provide any official support for resource packs published to this wiki.

Option 2: Donate

If you only wish to donate, send any amount and specify in the Paypal message that you do not want the [D] rank.

Option 3: Both at the same time

Send any amount above $1 to donate and purchase the [D] rank at the same time. This is how most people support the server.

Read Option 1 above for more details.

How are the funds used?

For server costs only.