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World tour info

Matt's World Tour is a project embarked upon by Mattesco to discover all there is to Ultravanilla, via visiting numerous towns, and engaging in travel.

The World Tour series (Renamed 'Voyager II') is the adventure started on December 12th by Matt to complete the "Voyager" role challenge

The World Tour home series is a collection of homes built across UV, all matching the style of their native towns to reflect learning those techniques and styles, aswell as helping them fit with their local environment. Each home is unique with its own shape, design, interior and layout. While all sharing a few similar traits, including:

- A "Matt's World Tour" sign with signature number

- A Map of the British Isles

- A signatures book for visitors

Home list

World Tour #1 - Stratford Manor House - Savahford

The Stratford Manor house was the first home in the series constructed in August 2022. At the time, Savahford was an up-and-coming town, however these plans have been delayed. Despite this, the home still stands, and is designed after traditional english manor homes, which was planned to be the local style.

The name was chosen due to this being Mattesco's primary residence, and was named after Stratford, a city of East London, which played a role in Matt's childhood.

This build is located at -1888288,-1900815

The Interior of Stratford Manor
The Exterior of Stratford Manor

World Tour #2 - Brasshelm Tavern - Rotherhythe

The Brasshelm Tavern is a traditional medieval style town-pub and inn. Which was the first building in Samhach, the town located north of Rotherhythe Keep. The build is currently the only incomplete structure on the world tour, due to the rest of the town being anticipated for construction before the interior design scheme resumes.

This build was designed with a medieval style that blends with blackstone and copper, to better fit it in with the structures up the mountain at Rotherhythe Keep

This build is located at -1887521,-1905479

The Exterior of the Brasshelm Tavern

World Tour #3 - Cod corner - Malus

Cod Corner is a tudor palette fishermans home including a Chip shop, Fishing dock, and House. This build was constructed as one of the first fully public builds in Malus, and its location was selected for its view of the giant Pazin statue out on the island in the water located to the rear.

It's design incorporates the unique shape of the plot it holds, by having the slanted walls but the upper floor keeping a rounded tower that fills out the square shape. This means that the builds footprint is a perfectly square shape, while on the ground it's actual geometry is both unique and inspiring. On the interior, the narrow corridors of the lower floor are contrasted by wide open spaces upstairs. this build is located at -1891095,-1890323

The Interior of Cod Corner
The Exterior of Cod Corner

World tour #4 - Tower Gardens - Evergreen

Evergreen's Tower Gardens, built by Mattesco starting in August 2022 and completing in November, stands as the largest home on the honey hills.

Taking inspiration from other homes nearby, it is designed with a wooden aesthetic that resembles enchanting fairytale culture in the way it has an un-natural mystique to its shape.

This style, compared with inclusions of gardening, inspired by that of the local area's huge plant culture, were blended together to create an enormous 4 storey home.

The two sections are the house and the Tower Garden. The house is dedicated for all home necessities, while the Tower, is dedicated to the gardens, which is where it's name is derived from. The tower was to originally be the embassy for Rotherhythe, but these plans were changed with the introduction of the EGRK project.

However, the tower keeps its copper styling in its roof, which was placed to resemble the Rotherhythe build style for such an embassy.

This build is located at -1890971,-1895807

The Interior of the Tower Gardens house
The Interior of the Tower Gardens
The Exterior of Tower Gardens

World Tour #5 - The Matteshroom - Outpost Shroomtown

One of the first houses built after the foundation of the Outpost Shroomtown, The Matteshroom is a fantasy focused home designed to resemble a mushroom, as is the key theme of the area.

It's built around the concept of a home fit for a stem, which reaches up from a lower ravine cavern upwards to the ceiling of the lower area, topped by an orange cap. Uniquely, The door is located in the middle of the home as opposed to on the ground floor, due to the way the stem reaches from the lower ground. The cap houses a small storage space, while the stem includes a living area, farm, and bedroom.

This build is located at:,-1890747,-1894757

The Matteshroom as viewed from outside
The Matteshroom as viewed from the lower cavern

World Tour #6 - Palace of Orange - Sosong

Sosong's Palace of Orange embraces the copper styling featured in most World Tour homes, and takes it to a new level.

Focusing on the traditional architecture found in Japanese style palaces, This home fits right in to it's local surroundings, while also standing out for it's rich orange colour, as stated by it's name.

The tower fitted to the corner of the structure features a small bell, a reference to Sosong being the first town in Spawn reached during the Voyager II quest, however is not the bell left on the Voyager II journey

The Palace of Orange as seen from the hub building
Mahoose enjoying the Palace of Orange