Voyage Fashion Design

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What is Voyage?

Voyage is a fashion design and clothing chain founded by Mattesco in July 2023, Voyage focuses on creating adventures and journeys through the magic of Minecraft's new armour trim mechanism, by encouraging discovery and travel through the building of unique outfits and styles.

Voyage Fashion is transferring ownership to the Rotherhythe state.

Rotating collections

All stores in the Voyage fashion series are subject to rotating collections featuring unique styles and some matching sets that randomly rotate in and out of selection. Every month, a seasonally exclusive monthly special item of each of the 4 armour types will rotate into each store.

Voyage - Stores

The "Journey Bootique" store in Sin City

Voyage: Seasons!

The newest store in the scene, the Seasonally rotating Voyage Seasons!

Voyage: Journey Bootique!

The flagship store that started it all, Voyage: Journey Bootique is the shoe focused store located in Sin City

Voyage: Shirt Distance!

A store designed around the wonderful world of the chestplate and shirt. This store is looking for a host in the Spawn region, if you would like to host the store, let Matt know!

Voyage: Pantastic Adventures!

The pants focused store of the Voyage series! Featuring pants / trousers of many varieties and styles to suit your every occassion! Pantastic adventures will be opening in Terni and The Swamp!

Voyage: Captivating Discovery!

A Hat central store for all cap, hat and helmet needs for the adventuring Fashionista! This chain has one store in Eden