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The aforementioned windmill.

Tegridy is a small settlement located in a heavily wooded forest on the UltraVanilla Minecraft server. It was founded by a player known as manatee, who saw the potential for building and creating in this secluded and peaceful location.

The settlement of Tegridy is known for its diverse range of structures and buildings, including a castle, a windmill, and various homes and shops belonging to its residents. These structures reflect the creativity and resourcefulness of the community, and showcase the unique character of Tegridy.

One of the main attractions of Tegridy is its castle, which happens to be WIP, which is a prominent feature of the settlement and serves as a symbol of its strength and resilience. The castle is surrounded by a wildlife and has high walls to protect against potential threats. It also serves as a gathering place for the community, and is used for social events and celebrations.

In addition to the castle, Tegridy is home to a windmill which provides a source of renewable energy for the settlement. The windmill is a testament to the community's commitment to sustainability and environmental conservation.

The homes and shops in Tegridy are a reflection of the diversity and individuality of its residents. Each building is unique and has its own style and character, reflecting the creativity and personal flair of its owner. These structures provide a sense of community and belonging, and contribute to the close-knit atmosphere of the settlement.

Despite its small size, Tegridy has a thriving and vibrant community, with a strong sense of cooperation and collaboration among its residents. It has become a popular destination for players seeking a peaceful and welcoming environment in which to build and create, and is well-respected among other settlements on the UltraVanilla server.

Book of Tegridy

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The Manatee was once a
simple creature, living
in the water and minding
its own business.
But something happened
that caused the Manatee
to change.
Slowly but surely, the
Manatee began to evolve
out of the water and onto

The Manatee started to
develop a taste for blood,
and began to hunt other
animals for food.
The Manatee also developed
a taste for humans, and began
to kill and eat them as well.
As the Manatee continued to
evolve, it became more and
more evil.

The Manatee eventually
started its own satanic town
called Tegridy, where it ruled
as the evil lord.
The Manatee and its followers
committed all sorts of atrocities,
including sacrificing humans
and animals to their dark god.

If you're brave enough to
venture into Tegridy, be
warned – you may never come
back out alive.