The Swamp

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The Swamp was founded on March 7, 2020, by Yoda and his friend Drinking. They began their settlement by creating a small cove inspired by the famous film character, Yoda. Drinking quickly quit the server, leaving Yoda as the sole founder and leader of The Swamp. Yoda took on the responsibility, driven by unwavering determination and creativity. He delved deep into the earth, shaping The Swamp with a distinctive style that would become its hallmark – an intricate fusion of chaos and beauty.

Notable Landmarks

The Swamp is home to several remarkable rooms and builds, including:

The Entrance Room

A modest yet captivating space filled with vibrant red-mushroom blocks, the Entrance Room serves as the gateway to The Swamp's enchanting world. Here, Yoda, with his innate hospitality, welcomes visitors and encourages them to express their thoughts and experiences by leaving behind signs. This room stands as a testament to the warm and inclusive spirit that permeates The Swamp.

The Simulation Room

A strange and creative space that transports visitors to a simulated beautiful grass plain. Many have been bewildered upon entering the room, mistakenly believing they were teleported to a different world.

The Nether Room

A meticulously recreated one-to-one representation of the Nether. This space is home to Sason, the overworld Ghast. Additionally, within these unique confines, lies a solemn tribute to Yoda's avian cousin, who has found eternal resting among the lava.

Hellhole Boats Arena

The official sporting arena of The Swamp, currently dedicated to the game Hellhole Boats. This game is a battle royale on boats, where players must loot, fight, and survive. Hellhole Boats gained notable recognition during the First UltraVanilla Olympics.


Several players have made significant contributions to The Swamp, although there are many others who have done less noticeable work:

   NameGenerat0r: Played a major role in reworking The Swamp during its early stages.
   EmeraldTL: Made valuable contributions to numerous projects.
   ShedJr: Assisted with various projects.
   Eitanzaki: Contributed to multiple projects.
   TheShyPig: Helped create the trophy room for the Olympics.
   Shogunite: Constructed an impressive castle above ground.
   Beeper: Constructed and rebuilt a Southern Hollow embassy in The Swamp.
   lordpipe: Generously donated the original batch of Weed Gang banners, which now adorn most of The Swamp.
   ConnorDanky: Donated several map art pieces to fill The Swamp's art gallery.