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Southern Hollow (abbreviated SH) is an acacia-themed town, north-east of old spawn. It lies close by and to the south of Terni, hence its name. It is a USUV member state.


SH was founded on 28 February 2020 on the day that Beeper joined the server. It was initially envisioned as an extension of Terni. Construction of Beeper's home and connecting roads to Terni, a nearby witch farm, and a boxing ring on a hill began. However, the new highways and style did not fit with Terni's design, so some of the roads were removed and Southern Hollow declared itself independent.

In the days following the town's founding, projects such as Crop Square (a district in the middle of town for farming) and the Town Hall were started. Significantly, Smoke discovered the town in an excursion from his home in Terni while building a forested national park, and quickly decided to join the town and construct a home. He would become one of the major town leaders.

The two players worked on many projects across town including Trading Tower (a skyscraper later renamed YAPS tower), a forest area for tree farming, a station for the nether portal, an iron farm and a skeleton grinder. A border wall with Terni was also erected. The town would grow significantly over the following weeks and months with multiple players helping out. The Industrial Zone and Downtown area in particular would see rapid expansion with completion of projects such as multiple redstone farms and the harbor square respectively. Clock Corner, a new area with a working clock tower, town embassies and resident homes was also created.

Southern Hollow was chosen as the host for the first Olympic Games, so work began on terraforming the eastern desert to create a new district for the event. This involved building a ferris wheel, 20 plots for a build battle event, and a tower to host Leaf Spleef. The SH events were held on 3 May 2020 to great success, as the closing ceremony saw a firework show and extinguishing of the Olympic flame. The games raised the profile of the town massively and it would undergo further expansion. The witch farm lying to the west of the town was purchased by SH for 200 diamonds and opened to the public.

Downtown saw new projects like the Town Hall extension, the apartments building, a temple, a bank and the expansion of the underground metro. A new district was started on the northern hills for villager trading, known as Hollow Heights. Crop Square was replaced with Park Square, a scenic central park in the middle of the town. The crops were moved to a new farming area in the south called Wetland Ranch, featuring crop fields, a windmill and a barn. SH was involved in the creation of USUV, an alliance of towns that would go on to resemble the United Nations of the server.

After a Reddit post advertising the server, the town successfully recruited more members leading to more resident homes and a town center bar/grill. A golf course was set up around the town and an event held to show this off. A massive terraforming project was started after Terni and SH agreed the desert accords, which allowed the town to take full ownership of the large eastern desert and flatten it to unlock room for future builds.

In the days prior to the server updating to 1.16 an event was held comprising of a boat race in Terni and Southern Hollow, another round of golf and spleef, and pvp in Park Square. Following the update, much of the town's playerbase and assets were moved to the new settlement Alliance City. However new projects such as the Scintilla Shop were constructed after this update and the town remains fairly active and well-known, with lordpipe becoming a leader of the town.


Map of SH, 24 July 2020.


The largest and first district in the town. It features large buildings and is the 'hub' of SH.

Notable builds: Town Hall, YAPS Tower and Launch Pad, Beeper's Home, Central Station, Terni Embassy, Hollow Hill Bar & Grill, Granite Gate Bridge, Apartments Building, Harbor, USS Hollow, Police Station, Japanese Temple, Yoda's Temple, Grand Library, Museum (unfinished).

Park Square

A scenic district surrounding a large park, essentially an extension of Downtown.

Notable builds: Central Park (a statue, gazebo, pond, playground and football pitch), Smoke's Home, Scintilla Shop, Southern Hollow Exports Ltd. HQ, Southern Hollow Bank of Monies, Enchanting Room, Mine Entrance.

Industrial Zone

The redstone and farming center of the town, featuring many large structures.

Notable builds: Iron Golem Parlour, Super Smelter, Creeper Farm, Skeleton Grinder, Cobble Generator, Flower Farm, Pumpkin/Melon Farm, Cocoa Bean Farm, Cactus Farm, Sugarcane Farm, Mushroom Farm, Wool Farm, Gold Farm.

Hollow Heights

The villager trading area of town situated on the northern hills, featuring many houses dedicated to each villager profession plus a breeder and zombification facility.

Clock Corner

A mixed-use district east of Park Square.

Notable builds: Clock Tower, Waterthorn Embassy, Valhalla Embassy, Westhaven Embassy, many resident homes.

Forest District

The tree farming part of SH, forming a unique forested area taking up a large area of town.

Plots for all trees are found here, including 1.16 trees and fungus production.


The eastern-most district designed specifically for the Olympic games of Build Battle and Spleef.

Notable builds: Ferris Wheel, Spleef Tower, Athlete's Sleeping Quarters, Market Stalls, build battle entries, Hollowood Sign and Rainbow, Hilltop Runway.


An underdeveloped high-end residential area featuring one home that was converted into the Olympic Flame.

Wetland Ranch

The new location in the far south of town for the crops, after the removal of Crop Square.

Notable builds: Crop Fields (wheat, carrots, potatoes, beetroot), The Barn, The Windmill, Swamp Outlook Tower

Witch Farm

Across the Granite Gate Bridge lies the old public Witch Farm, which SH purchased for 200 diamonds. There are no notable builds other than the farm.


A MK II DuoDrone at YAPS Tower launch pad.

Y114 Metro

The town is very well connected in the nether. It expanded the Terni ice boat railway system significantly to create the Y114 Metro, which has a hub close to spawn. This metro connects SH directly with old spawn, Terni, Valhalla, Burzum, Cara Island, Hana Reservoir, Waterthorn, Aurora, The Swamp and Phoenix. There are indirect links to Westhaven, Cyprus, The Reef and Condor's Nest via a link to the nether roof from the hub.

Underground Metro

Additionally, SH has an internal town metro which lies beneath the town. It utilities water boats, but is currently undergoing icification. It links the main station with many of the surrounding districts.

Harbor and Canal

Southern Hollow has a harbor on the western shore, in the Downtown are. This harbor links to a canal between Terni and SH.

Air Force

YAPS Tower has been used as a launch site to test many flying machines, including the DuoDrone. This technology has been moved to Alliance City.

Foreign Relations

As an USUV member state, Southern Hollow gets on very well with almost all other towns, and is always willing to cooperate for the good of the server.


SH and Terni have a complex but positive relationship overall. Despite occasional border disputes, the towns have worked together on many occasions and enjoy each other's company.

Embassies in other towns

Embassies in SH


Downtown SH.
Ferris Wheel.
Attempted Robbery of the Bank Vault.