Hana Reservoir

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Founded by Sara on 12 June 2019, Hana Reservoir is an aesthetically pleasing city with a colorful nature theme, cut into the walls of a water-filled ravine. The city thrived during its creation, eventually becoming inactive. During Sara's retirement from Minecraft, the city was passed to Hellssponge, who intended to revive it but did not have time. The city was then passed to Legendosh, who similarly has not has time to revive the city to the glory it deserves.


A map of the reservoir, with private residences removed.

The city has a duel arena, as well as a few publicly available farms, namely skeleton, and a beacon-powered mine. It is laid out into rough districts, with free-use apartments leading to a residential district as well as free-use apartments. There is additionally a shopping district which is not stocked.