Vault 11

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Founded by Xclax101 on 14 Feburary 2019.

Dweller's Handbook

A book given to residents of Vault 11. Signed by Xclax101. [Copied exactly how it is written.]

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Welcome and
congratulations for
becoming one of the
newest dwellers of
the iniative of
anti-nuclear program
number 11!

If you are reading
this you have become
a member (or a
worker) of the
program and in such a

you will be granted
with some basic
information of yours
benefits and status
as a dweller or
worker in the Vault 11.

As a dweller you will
have access of
entrance and exit at
any time you desire
(Entrance also avaible
in Lockdown mode)

Any resources inside
the vault that are
permitted for staff
use-only or areas of
the same state are
also avaible for any
membership of the

However, some of
resources are for
only aesthetics only
and it is prohibited to
take or use.

One of the big
benefits of becoming a
dweller inside the
vault is that you get a
voice of suggestion
and a bigger use of
action inside the vault
than anyone else of
the folks that are
outside of it.

You get to change the
future and shape of
the vault

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in many ways as you
cooperate with us and
even creating your
own rooms without
need of permmision or
authorization of
personnel as long as
you follow the
regulations of
room-building of the
vault that will be
talked later on this

By helping or
cooperating with the
progress of the vault
you also will get a
place on the hall of
helpers and founders
of the vault with your
own statue
representing your
place on the vault as
a helper on founding
this great vault.

By any means, you will
also be able of
represent the vault in
most of the choices
that we may or may
not face in the near

Remember that Vault
11 is not only one of
the greatest
creations that
Vault-Tec owns, but
also yours to have.

Information about
regulations and rules
will be granted to you
after soliciting "Style
of the 11" with your
current manager in


Vault History

Vault 11, named initially as Vault 77, was the brainchild of xclax101.

Vault Hierarchy

Dweller -> Vault Provider -> Vault Worker -> Vault Engineer -> Vault Overseer


Proposed new areas of the vault, designed by Xclax101 on the 10th of July 2019.

Vault 11 has stood the test of time and experienced the changes of the server, yet there are some old photos of its plans left behind, like the one shown on the right.