Dìxià Chéng

From UltraVanilla

Dìxià Chéng is a subterranean society, only accessible via the the Nether. The town joined USUV as a provisional member on December 9, 2023 and become a full member on December 30, 2023.


Thier Royal Majesty Monarch Reno

Dìxià Chéng, or the Underground City, is a hidden gem of UltraVanilla that few have ever witnessed. It was created by a group of rebels who escaped from the oppression of the Overworld, finding sanctuary in the dark and perilous nether. Through a portal, they stumbled upon an old forgotten train tunnel, deep beneath the surface and out of reach of the overground, where they started to build their new home.

Over time, they cultivated a unique culture and society, based on the values of freedom, creativity, and survival. They learned to harness the power of their collective spirit, using it to create amazing structures and inventions. They also faced many challenges and foes, such as the hostile mobs, the lava flows, and the occasional overgrounders.

The leader of Dìxià Chéng is Reno, a courageous and wise ruler who has led her people through many trials. They are admired and cherished by their subjects, who call them the Tunnel Monarch. They are also dreaded by their enemies, who know them as the Monarch of Fire. They wear a crown of netherite and a cloak of crimson, and wields a sword of fire.

Dìxià Chéng is a city of secrets, mysteries, and wonders. It is a place where anything is possible, and where the only limit is one's imagination. It is a city of the underground, and it is proud of it.