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Spawn is where players are placed when they join the server for the first time. The location of Spawn has changed three times over the course of the server's lifetime.


Spawn is located at the approximate coordinates of X -2,002,400, Z -1,995,513. This location was first selected following the server updating to the 1.16 Nether update. There are signs which can be clicked to teleport the player to Old Spawn or the Outpost (1.19 terrain), as well as a mob teleport pad nearby. Buildings in the area loosely follow a Victorian style with elements drawn from the Industrial Era. There is a 400 block exclusion zone (marked with coloured wool), where building, farming, and mining operations are not permitted without specific permission from server staff. A Nether Portal has been constructed slightly northwest of Spawn, linking to the Nether Hub. There is a building with free supplies for new players just southeast of Spawn.

Old Spawn

Spawn used to be located at: X -1334, Z -29. It contains multiple buildings including the main spawn building which contains rules and heads of staff. Other buildings include the UV courthouse, the harbour warehouse with free food for new players, the spawnboat, a building which now serves as a museum for old spawn and various buildings that used to be shops in the early period of this spawn. Besides buildings there are also boards for town recruitment, a public notice board, a harbour, a glass walkway to Mercy and a nether portal that connects to the main nether hub for the pre-1.16 area. It was used as spawn since May 10th 2019.

Original Spawn

Located at X -144, Z 241 This was the spawn on the server until May 10th 2019, when it was replaced by what is presently named 'old spawn'. This spawn is nothing but a simple platform connected by simple overworld roads to both Mercy and Aurora. It also serves a nether portal that links to the Flair Hub.


The Outpost was founded in December 2021 to provide players with easy access to new 1.18 (& now 1.19) terrain. The Outpost warp point accessible using /o, /outpost, /spawn3, or /s3. The warp point build & nether hub designs were determined by a server-wide build competition: pintsizedrogue designed the main warp point area with ideas from lordpipe; 500am & pintsizedrogue designed the nether hub building which provides access to the nether roof & main nether, along with ice road highways for each cardinal direction. Refer to Dynmap for the outline of the purple-outlined free build zone (some restrictions apply), & the cyan-outlined limited build zone. Additional Outpost rules & information are available on the Outpost page.