Challenge Paddlesteamer

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The "Madman" variant of the Challenge Steamship

The Challenge class of Paddlesteamer is an original paddlesteamer design conceived in Rotherhythe during the construction of Coppergate Valley as a means of traversing the towns main river up to Lake Bigman for tour cruises.

These ships are all engineered and designed around cutting ice, as they are based out of Rotherhythe's own port authority.

All of the ships share a similar hull design and are all powered through steam propelled paddles in a side-wheeler configuration. The funnels are located at the top, coated in Copper, with a mast provided on most models.

The Challenge paddlesteamers made their debut at the Outpost with model 001 of the Voyager variant being docked at the central Outpost docks.

All of the Challenge paddlesteamers take on the name of a custom challenge role - With vague reference associated with whatever their primary tailored use is.

Challenge Class Model 001 - Voyager

The Voyager class Paddlesteamer parked at Outpost Docks

Chosen name

Model 001 was nicknamed "Voyager" - The first of the challenge class Paddlesteamers. The Voyager is a long-range inter-regional vessel mainly used on diplomatic efforts, the interior space is gutted to make room for displays about Rotherhythe or for ambassadorial events - To reflect its long distance design, the name "Voyager" was chosen - It carries a special plaque referencing the previous Voyager vessel, which was found and restored during the Spring Cleaning build competition


This ship is the most optimised of any Challenge class vessel, being capable of sailing through any climate or water condition, while maintaining efficient top speed capability. It is also designed with a unique ice breaker to help ensure it can park in any port in UV.

This vessel contains a light-weight customisable interior with no permanent elements, allowing for a whole range of uses during it's inter-regional journeys.

Challenge Class Model 002 - Collector

Chosen name

The Collector class Paddlesteamer at the Coppergate Docking point

Model 002 was nicknamed "Collector" - The second challenge class Paddlesteamer. The Collector is an unmodified variant of the Model 001 Voyager, being specified for high capacity tourist travel on tour boat runs from Coppergate Valley to the Shores of Savahford and beyond into Evergreen. Collector is the largest of all the challenge class vessels in terms of passenger capacity and floorspace - It was named "Collector" as a joking reference to the 'high head-count' it was designed to hold.


Collector boasts the only Challenge class vessel to contain a double-deck indoor restaurant and buffet section, with outdoor seating available on the front, rear, and top decks. This paddlesteamer is also the only one to be fitted with a hull kitchen and full dining services to please guests on it's long distance tours along the North Outpost seas. It boasts the most powerful icebreaker of all the Challenge class steamers, and is traditionally sent out to clear the way on especially rough days for the Copperbank river.

Challenge Class Model 003 - Excavator

The Excavator class Paddlesteamer leaving the Coppergate Valley

Chosen name

Model 003 was nicknamed "Excavator" - The third challenge class Paddlesteamer. The excavator traditionally makes tours through the riverside caverns that accompany rivers outside of Lake Bigman, and is a popular class of ship in the realm of tourist usage. The Excavator also boasts a unique function in being able to drill not only through ice, but also excess rock on the riverbed or on the banks. - The name "Excavator" was selected for it's capabilities in underground environments.


Excavator is fitted with a one-of-a-kind hull mounted drilling system, allowing it to overcome any obstacle on it's cavern tours and a streamlined, trimmed version of its predecessor, boasting more outdoor deck space and lower steam excess rate. Additionally, the excavator only features one funnel to reduce steam emissions whilst inside caverns, and allowing for more open air spaces to be added in the place of the indoor ones, which provides a more enjoyable experience for guests.

Challenge Class Model 004 - Madman

Chosen name

The Madman class Paddlesteamer entering the Western Coppergate river entry

Model 004 was nicknamed "Madman" - The fourth challenge class of Paddlesteamer. The Madman is the most striking of all four paddlesteamers, quite literally breaking the conventions and demands of the design. With the paddlewheels being taller than the vessel itself, it's shaved top layer, and it's low profile with lowered mast and short stack funnels, the Madman is a class of it's own, being capable of going anywhere in the Rotherhythe waterway network, while also destroying physics along the way. - The name "Madman" was selected for it's ability to somehow be good looking while also being borderline manic.


Being a low profile vessel, mostly used on one-time tours or regional services to connect closer to central Rotherhythe, the Madman is designed around the concept of flexibility. It's design allows for almost any destination to be feasible, with height and range being a minimal issue in the face of it's sleek, modern profile for a paddlesteamer.

Future Challenge Class Paddlesteamers

Confirmed class additions

There are plans to design a further 3 Paddlesteamers during the construction of Coppergate Valley, these being:

  • Model 005 - Moose
  • Model 006 - Cultist
  • Model 007 - Named Steamer... Paddlesteamer

Class additions under review

After the construction of Coppergate, a further 3 variants may be ordered depending on circumstance such as:

  • Model 008 - Dreamer - An art gallery vessel
  • Model 009 - Dentist - A dental clinic on the river
  • Model 010 - Comrade - A potential addition to the Class if Rotherhythe's Comrades Union applicancy is to be a success