Screenshot and Build Competitions

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Screenshot and Build competitions are a mixed event taking place on both Discord and in-game on a frequent basis. Over the last 3 years numerous themes have been explored and done for both builds and screenshots, seeing players share their own takes on the themes given

How it works

Build Competition

Players will receive a theme in the competition Discord channel with a deadline. Until this deadline, participants will need to design a build around the theme of the competition (and around the specific rules if it has any.) Upon completion, players will take screenshots of their submission and upload them to the channel. Once the deadline passes, All players in the Discord will be able to vote.

From time to time, new server utilities, such as portals and warps, will be designed via build competitions.

Screenshot Competition

Screenshot competitions follow a similar structure, Themes are posted in the Discord with a deadline, Participants will then take a screenshot themed around the competition, and then upload them to the channel for voting once the deadline is over. Players are awarded with bonus credit if their screenshot features an original build.


Votes can be submitted after the deadline. Players will vote using Upvote Emote.png (To submit 1 point) and Fire Emote.png (To submit 2 points) or both to submit 3 points and can vote for however many submissions they like.


The rules of competitions are as follows:

  • Players may submit a maximum of 3 embeds, extra images can be done in an imgur album. E.g A player can either submit 3 screenshots or 2 screenshots + an album link.
  • Players are not allowed to pay or invite others for the specific purpose of obtaining votes but can vote for themselves if they fancy
  • In build competitions where there is more than 1 theme, players cannot take a "One build suits all" approach (Building one build to submit for both themes). However, they are allowed to participate in both theme competitions with 2 separate builds.
  • While not a rule, it is recommended players try to respect the theme of the competition to a degree. Guidelines for what does and doesn't count are normally listed in the posts themselves.

Official Competitions

Below is a list of each individual competition and every submission included.

July 2019 "UltraVanilla" Screenshot Competition

The first official screenshot competition, this event did not have a specific theme, instead inviting players to simply vote on what they believed to be the best screenshot outright. The channel used for this would later be generally used for screenshots

October 2019 - "Halloween" Screenshot Competition

December 2019 - "Christmas" Screenshot Competition

May 2020 - "Aquarium / Terrarium" Build Competition

June 2020 - "Oasis" Screenshot Competition

From this point onward, Screenshot competitions had their own channel

October 2020 - "Halloween" Screenshot Competition

December 2020 - "Christmas" Screenshot Competition

April 2021 - "Ancient" Build Competition

This competition only awarded 2 podium finishes instead of 3 to facilitate the "Duality" competition coinciding it.

April 2021 - "Dualistic" Build Competition

Freak_Genius submitted an entry, however it and all embeds are missing. Another user submitted an entry which was in an unusable format.

July 2021 - "Tower" Build Competition

December 2021 - "Outpost" Build Competition

In this build competition, players were asked to design a new hub at the Outpost for the build competition. Players could do this on the creative server, being the only build competition that does not require a build to be done on survival. Only first place won a prize, being that their submission would be used for the new hub.

June/July 2022 - "Your First Build, Reimagined!" Build Competition

June/July 2022 - "Hanging Gardens" Build Competition

August 2022 - "Luminescent" Build Competition

August 2022 - "End Portal Room" Build Competition

The winning build of this competition went on to become the Outpost End portal room.

October 2022 - "Halloween" Screenshot Competition

November 2022 - "Bridge" Build Competition

November 2022 - "Build in a town you haven't built in before" Build Competition

Players were tasked with building a structure in a town they haven't tried before.

December 2022 - "Christmas" Screenshot Competition

January 2023 - "Spring Cleaning" Build Competition

Players were tasked with submitting 2 screenshots for before and after photos to show their spring cleanups. This competition was themed for Chinese New Year

February / March 2023 - "Soup" Build Competition

February / March 2023 - "Post-Apocalyptic" Build Competition

April 2023 - "Borealis Park" Build Competition

This competition was yet another competition aimed at designing a permanent structure on UV. The individual was once again not tasked with building their design on survival.

June 2023 - "Old Spawn Portal" Build Competition

This competition was yet another competition aimed at designing a permanent structure on UV. The individual was once again not tasked with building their design on survival.

June 2023 - "Pride" Screenshot Competition

October 2023 "Autumn" Screenshot Competition

October 2023 "Haunted House" Build Competition

October 2023 "Space" Build Competition

December 2023 "Christmas" Screenshot Competition

January 2024 "5 Year Anniversary" Build Competition

Full title: 'Open-ended Build commemorating UV's 5th Anniversary' - Players were entitled to submit anything as long as it fit the usual rules of the competition and that it "has at least one reference to UV existing for 5 years"