Brewery Drinks

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This page lists all current drinks that have been added to the server with the Brewery plugin. Some drink recipes are publicly posted here while others require solving a riddle or other challenge to obtain the recipe. Recipes and riddle books are being added: if a custom recipe is posted here instead of an existing riddle, please contact pintsizedrogue to have this corrected.

Recipe Guidelines

In order to provide fair access to everyone on the server, secret brewery recipes and/or riddles should not be sold. New brewery recipes can only be kept secret if a riddle* is created in addition to the recipe. Previously added recipes (including town/settlement brew recipes) that do not have a riddle or means of access will need to be updated to include one. pintsizedrogue will be contacting recipe creators in order to obtain or assist in creating riddles as needed.

*A riddle is traditional, however alternate means of access (e.g., via completing a challenge or scavenger hunt) are allowed as long as they are approved by staff.

Default Drinks

The following is a list of default drinks included in the plugin.

Custom Drinks Overview

Custom drinks are split into two categories: general brews not associated with groups or towns, and brews specifically associated with a group or town.

Recipe suggestions should be sent to pintsizedrogue. If you have a general idea (e.g., you have a brew concept but do not wish to design all of the details), feel free to send directly to pint. Otherwise, recipes can be customized in (almost) as much detail as desired: review the templates below and contact pintsizedrogue when ready.

Custom Drink Suggestion Templates

Please note: usage of these templates is not required for recipe suggestions! They are provided as a tool to make the suggestion process easier.

You can select hex color codes using online tools (such as this Color Picker, or using a color palette generator such as Coolors). "Basic color codes" referred to below include the standard Minecraft text formatting options, shown in the image here.

The basic color guide can also be found here:

The Descriptive Template provides an explanation of the available options, which is particularly helpful for players less familiar with the Brewery plugin. Use the Copy/Paste Template below if you are ready to send your detailed drink suggestion.

The Copy/Paste Template provides only the section names, which can be copied and pasted more easily into Discord when sending the details of your custom brew suggestion.

General Custom Drinks

Town/Group Associated Custom Drinks