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  • /sethome: Sets your location for the /home command
  • /home: Teleports you to your set location
  • /home bed: Teleports you to your set bed
  • /spawn: Teleports you to spawn

Name Changes

For more information, name tutorial

  • /nick: Allows you to change any aspect of your name, given to Donators
  • /namecolor: Allows you to change the color of your name


  • /donate: Donation link
  • /discord: Discord invite link
  • /dynmap: Dynmap link
  • /wiki: Link to this wiki


  • /afk: Sends a "player is now afk" message to chat and marks you as afk in the playerlist
  • /chairs: Controls the chairs plugin, use "/chairs off" or "/chairs on"
  • /lag: Shows your current ping, and the server TPS
  • /seen: use to see when a player was last online, or when they first joined "/seen player first"
  • /suicide: Kills your player, sending a community created suicide message to chat