Colored chat and names

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For custom colors the only format accepted by the server will be in hexadecimal. If you don't know what that is I recommend you use [this] site or look up "color picker" on google or something. Your color should be in this format: #000000 and the 0's can be any number or letter from 0-9 and a-f. Capitalization is ignored.

Color text

Single colors

&#ff0000TEST will result in TEST. Just think of it like using color codes such as &a but instead of 'a' just replace it with a custom color. Must contain the # or it won't work.


&>#ff0000+#00ff00TEST will show the text "TEST" have a gradient from left to right from #ff0000 to #00ff00

Shorthand color codes

Preset color codes
Color name Minecraft color code Hexadecimal color Color
Dark Red &4 AA0000
Red &c FF5555
Gold &6 FFAA00
Yellow &e FFFF55
Dark Green &2 00AA00
Green &a 55FF55
Aqua &b 55FFFF
Dark Aqua &3 00AAAA
Dark Blue &1 0000AA
Blue &9 5555FF
Light Purple &d FF55FF
Dark Purple &5 AA00AA
White &f FFFFFF
Gray &7 AAAAAA
Dark Gray &8 555555
Black &0 000000
Rainbow &x - -
Format name Minecraft format code
Obfuscated &k
Bold &l
Strikethrough &m
Underline &n
Italic &o
Reset the default color &r

If you want to use these codes in books, copy the symbol § into the book and then type the letter or number of the code.

Applying this to /namecolor

Single color (loyalist and above, and donators)

/namecolor color This can be any one color such as red or #ff0000. Example: /namecolor red or /namecolor #66d9ff

Two color (master and above, and donators)

/namecolor color1+color2 na+me The first part is the two colors and the second part is specifying where the split should occur. Example: /namecolor green+yellow no+tch or /namecolor #b3b300+#5c5cd6 jeb+_ the + symbol stating that everything to the left of it will be the first color and everything to the right of it will be the second color.

Gradient (veterans, sage and above, and donators)

/namecolor color1+color2 Just put a + between 2 colors to give your name a gradient. Example: /namecolor #c299ff+black or /namecolor red+white

Applying this to /nick (veterans and donators only)

You may use the syntax described above (Example: /nick &#FF0000Santa or /nick &>6+4Fireball), but if you simply want a 2-color name, a gradient (if you have permission), or even just a 1-color name, you can use /namecolor instead.

Role variants (Ascendant and Veteran)

Ascendant and Veteran get a /rolevariant command to switch between gradient variants of the role. Run the command with no arguments to list the options available to you.

Hats (donators only)

You can get access to the /hat command by donating to the server. This command allows you to place an item into your head armor slot. This follows the vanilla behavior of blocks in the helmet armor slot, so some items such as end rod and bones have special effects.