Community Settlements

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Community Settlements are areas of the server that are officially server and staff-run.


Players generally need to ask permission from staff before building at any of the community settlements, with the exception of The Outpost.

Unlike other areas of the server, staff may roll back damage from creepers and other natural causes where necessary.

Community Settlements hold one seat on USUV.


The server's original Spawn was the first community settlement, and was not as well-developed as later spawns, instead featuring a small portal build and sporadic bases. Aurora (originally Vanilla City) became the server's first true settlement, evolving into a sprawling shopping district over time. Alongside this, the server's second spawn was established, featuring a more town-like and welcoming vibe.

For the 1.16 update, spawn was moved to new lands and this brought two new community settlements. The new spawn itself is larger and grander than previously, with a prismarine and brick theme. Borealis replaced Aurora as the new official shopping districts, mostly copying the layout of its predecessor.

For 1.18, The Outpost was created. This offers a unique community settlement in spectacular terrain in which server rules have been adjusted to loosen requirements on building proximity and permissions, gradually transitioning to the normal rules further from the origin point.

List of Community Settlements