Bass Pro Shops

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Opening Dates

  • Bass Pro Shops - North Borealis - November 2023
  • Bass Arctic - Rotherhythe - December 2023
  • Bass Pro: Memphis Pyramid - Searching for Location - TBD

What is Bass Pro Shops?

Bass Pro Shops is a store chain based on the one found in real life. The stores focus on having an outdoors theme indoors selling specialised equipment. There are 2 types of store on UV: Bass Pro Shops are the larger full stores with complete stocks and Bass Bonus as bite-size mini stores for smaller locations.

Update regarding sale

Some assets of the Bass Pro company will be sold at the next auction. There is currently no confirmation on which elements will be sold.

Bass Plus

Bass Plus is a membership card system that signs you up to the following perks:

  • The Bass Pro Discord server - News and updates about adventures and up to date logs on UV travels
  • Bass Expeditions - Group journeys and expeditions around the countryside of UV to discover and explore new places
  • Bass Rewards - A tiered rewards system for every claimed purchase in the Discord server


Bass Pro at the Fleet

Built as part of the outpost airship fleet, Bass Pro at The Fleet is not a functional store, due to regulations surrounding shopping in the Free-Build zone of the Outpost, instead, Bass Pro at the fleet stands as both a proof of concept, demonstrating the thematic side of the stores, and also as a landmark "first step" project. Bass Pro at The Fleet is located on board the Bass Pro Ship, hoisted in the air by a giant largemouth Bass named "Elizabass."

Bass Bonus Cherry Valley

A soft opening for the first branded store, a bite-size version of the brand in Sin City. Offering only a collection of items available in the Plaza tower. Opened in July 2023

Bass Borealis

Bass Borealis will be the first full store to open under the name. The store was originally due to open in the outer area of Borealis in December 2022, but was relocated to the NoBo project with an opening of August 2023. Due to the ongoing construction of NoBo, Bass Borealis will now be the 3rd store to open, and remain the first 'big box' store with an opening between November 2023 and January 2024

Bass Pro: Memphis Pyramid

Bass Pro: Memphis pyramid is a store due to be built in 2023. It'll be the Second store to follow the 'outdoor world' formula followed by the Real life Bass Pro Shops. Located out in the desert, this store is in homage to the Memphis Pyramid, an infamous landmark owned by Bass Pro Shops since 2015. This store is due to open in 2023. Potentially as part of Project Anubis. The Anubis project has been dormant since Early Summer 2022 and is unlikely to proceed. A new host is to be found.

Bass Arctic

Bass Arctic is a smaller scale brand of Bass Pro opening in Coppergate_Valley in Winter 2023. As part of the construction of Coppergate Valley, partly due to the completion of the Rotherhythe Copper Palace, Bass Arctic will set in stone the towns cultural connection to the ice river, by establishing Ice Fishing as it's key industry.


Bass Pro Shops is sponsoring and partnering with the Evergreen Fishing tourney